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I've been going through the massive amounts of information on the forum and trying to put together a blueprint for how to build my future sites. I'm someone who likes to have a plan on paper that I can follow as I go.

Obviously, every site is different, but the general steps for building the site and getting traffic, etc. are very similar.

So what I have so far I've posted below (the bulleted format didn't hold, but everything is still readable). Please let me know if there is anything you think should be added/removed/altered. I'm trying to put all the knowledge I absorb here into one comprehensive document I can reference when planning and building a new site.



New Site Checklist

 Find a Niche
o Write down a niche you have interest in
• Narrow down to a smaller, less competitive niche
o Discover new niche with research:
Amazon (best sellers)
Flippa (what sites people are selling)
43 Things (people's goals)
Yahoo Answers (problems people are having)
Clickbank Marketplace (popular products by gravity)

• Find out if niche is profitbible:
Look for magazines on
Look for products on
Use Google keyword tool (look for 150,000 or more)
Look for products on
Look for ads on google search
(If it matches 4 of the 5 results above, it's a good idea.)

 Create A Free Report To Give Away
o Build opt-in list for free report using aweber or GetResponse

 If Possible, Create Your Own Product You Can Charge For

 Purchase Domain (Recommended: NameCheap)
Try aged domains for faster ranking.

 Purchase Hosting (Recommended: Host Gator)

 Build Site Using Word Press
o Choose Template
o Register Site Using Google/Bing Webmaster Tools
o Add Analytics Tracking
o Add AdSense Ads
o Find relevant Affiliate ads

 Customize WordPress with Plugins
o Akismet: spam blocker
o SEO plugin
o Contact Form
o WP Insert: Inserts Adsense ads, manages privacy policy
o XML Site maps
o W3 Total Cache: speeds up site
o Broken Links Checker
o WP Smush It: reduces images
o Secure WordPress: security

 Optimize Site
o Include your main keyword in your site's title and description
o Use a custom permalinks structure that includes your post title.

 Get Site Indexed
o Use Fetch Googlebot tool to get pages crawled
o After first post, use quick index tool at Fast Index and Free Backlinks Tool Online on
o After about 24 hours, find out if your site is indexed at

 Social Media
o Secure Vanity URLs on Social Media (FB/Twitter/Google+)
o Connect all social media accounts to site

 Content
o Add new content regularly.
o Use keywords/optimize posts.
o Incluse photos and videos and inclue alt attributes.

 Build Backlinks/Spread the Word
o After each new blog post, submit to various sources:
• Ezine Articles
• Squidoo
• Hubpages
• GoArticles
• Articles Dashboard
• The Free Library
• Article Slash

o Social Bookmarking
• Use SocialAdr to build backlinks via social media

o Forums
• Get involved in forums in your niche and be sure to include a link to your site in your forum profile. Contribute to the forum, do not just promote your site/spam everyone.
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  • Profile picture of the author lotsofsnow
    This looks very good.

    One thing is probably not optimum: "Add AdSense Ads".

    If you want to build Adsense sites you won't need that much planning.

    Stick with this: "If Possible, Create Your Own Product You Can Charge For".

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    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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  • Profile picture of the author officer_iron
    I agree with hp. There's a lot of money to be made once you start creating your own products. It's not as hard as it seems.
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    • Profile picture of the author raitman
      Originally Posted by officer_iron View Post

      I agree with hp. There's a lot of money to be made once you start creating your own products. It's not as hard as it seems.
      where do u suggest one starts learning step by step?
      Overwhelmed with information overload on Internet Marketing??? I hear you!!!
      Access this $39 report for FREE. Why? Cuz I'm in a good mood and you deserve it.
      A MUST report for the seasoned or newbie. $1477 a week is DOABLE.
      No experience needed. Just a will to succeed.
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        Originally Posted by raitman View Post

        where do u suggest one starts learning step by step?
        First of all you will need a website.

        Then start building a list of prospects.

        Third - Take action
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          Thanks for the list. Can anyone recommend a wordpress/studio press designer who all of this is a snap for?

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          • Profile picture of the author David Sneen
            I have gone through 3 WP designers. Now, I have a fourth. She is everything I could ask for. While I would wait two weeks for something to be done poorly with other designers, she often completes my requests within 24 hours. + she doesn't charge too much. Shoot me a PM.
            David Sneen
            It's what you do when no one is watching
            that determines what you will be able to
            do when everyone is watching.
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  • Profile picture of the author cdispoto
    Can't you do both? From what I've learned, it seems it's definitely best to have your own product. But shouldn't you have AdSense ads anyway just for some minimal benefit to the traffic you will receive?
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    • Profile picture of the author SamuelUherek
      Originally Posted by cdispoto View Post

      Can't you do both? From what I've learned, it seems it's definitely best to have your own product. But shouldn't you have AdSense ads anyway just for some minimal benefit to the traffic you will receive?
      I don't suggest you mix adsense and your own products on one site. Why? Because you want your visitors to have exact idea what the website is all about. So, if you want it to be adsense site, don't bother promoting other products and make it as clear as possible for people to click on the links.

      But if you want to have a website promoting other products, don't mess it up with adsense. It's just a distraction for your visitors.

      Make the purpose of the website is clear as possible. This is how I do it and it works better
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  • Profile picture of the author JennyPellicer
    Not a bad plan.

    But I happen to believe that you have copy/pasted this from somewhere.

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    • Profile picture of the author cdispoto
      I'm not claiming that this is all my invention. I've copied a lot of this info from various guides on the forum.

      I'm not selling as some kind of plan, I'm a newbie myself, I'm just reaching to see if I am missing anything, because the more feedback, the better.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ankesh Kothari
    1. Focus on one site. Not many sites. A tsunami is more powerful than a 1000 waves. So when you do your niche research, make sure that your niche is big enough - it has demand for multiple products.

    2. Create a website before you create a report. Why? Because you need to validate your report idea. Before spending time writing a report, you should get feedback from folks if the report topic is good. So create your own website. Put up a survey there - letting folks know that if they help you out, you will send them the report for free. Or maybe send them a preview for free.

    A lot of people who start out make this mistake. They create before validating.

    3. Pre-sell your report. Write the salesletter first. And ask folks to pre-order the report. Then send them one chapter at a time. This way, you get a bunch of proof readers for free. And the feedback you'll receive will be awesome - you'll end up with a much better product.

    4. Spend more time in marketing your website than in optimizing your website. This is another mistake many beginners make. They spend a lot more time behind getting the perfect set of WordPress plugins and making sure that their website will be able to handle heavy traffic. Paying attention to these things now will just slow down the important stuff.

    5. Think about creating a traffic loop. Pump the profits from your initial sales into buying ads for your website. Optimize the numbers so that they work in creating a cycle. For eg: if you have a 1% conversion rate, you need to earn a profit of at least $15-20 per sale so that you can spend that money in getting 100 new people to your website. 1 of them will buy again giving you $15-20 that you use again to get 100 more people to visit. And so on...

    The earlier you crack the traffic loop - the quicker you'll grow.

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  • Profile picture of the author LukeZ
    Thank you for the list, it's very comprehensive. Just I would leave alone AdSense and stick with list building and then promoting affiliate offers and my own products.
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  • Profile picture of the author ProfWP
    I agree with @Ankesh Kothari... it is easier to focus on one site... Or you can consider focusing on one problem that you are trying to solve for your visitors.

    Pre-sell your visitors with information leading to the sale. Make sure you have a series of offers that bring value to your visitors, end to end.
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  • Profile picture of the author canada94
    Do your research and then add the action, without it, it's all just written words on a piece of paper.

    Good luck, take action, hope it helps


    [B]If you are looking to turn your ebook into an Amazon bestseller,then visit,and let me help you

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  • Profile picture of the author Dann Vicker
    Here's my own blueprint. I’d say start with affiliate marketing but keep in mind that the real money is made with your own products. Don't let the stiff competition in affiliate marketing scare you away. There are some strategies you can use to effectively find your feet in this.
    1. Choose a good product to promote
    Do not make the common mistake of selling the popular products everyone else is selling. Do a simple research first to know if the product is in demand in the market. Also, make sure that the product you'll choose is of good quality.
    2. Do some pre-selling
    Most affiliates conduct pre-selling to qualify the leads they will be referring to the merchant's page. This will increase conversion rates because only interested individuals will see the sales page. One thing you can do here is to buy the product you are promoting, and write an honest review about it.
    3. Be capable enough of driving traffic to the merchant's sales page
    This is basically the most difficult task you’ll face. In doing this, you should decide first how you will attract traffic towards your affiliate website. You can go for paid advertising or you can spend time creating authority sites that are content rich and with affiliate advertising placed within them. It is good if you can use both strategies.
    The nature of the traffic you drive to your affiliate site also matters. You should be able to send highly-targeted traffic, or else, your conversion rates will not be sufficient to cover the cost of advertising.

    Actually I'm basically saying the same thing in a less overwhelming way.

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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  • Profile picture of the author TopKat22
    That is one plan.

    I'm not sure you are missing anything but I didn't do that many steps.

    I didn't create my site in wordpress. I created a squeeze page using templates given to me by a top marketer online who uses these same templates because they convert so well.

    I would say do market research before niche research.

    Find out what people are already buying and then check Amazon and ebay best sellers lists.

    Then take that list, find what you are interested, take 20-50 of those and do keyword research to find high exact google monthly searches by low volume.

    I've posted all this before in other posts too and it is all step by step to my subsribers.

    The point is, yes, you have a workable plan. However, it will not be the exact same plan for everyone.

    The key things are:

    Find a profitable market and niche with less competition but hungry buyers.

    Put up site.

    Get autoresponder.

    Get something to give away.

    Get traffic.

    Build a list.

    Build a relationship with and then promote to your list.

    Under each main category above, there are many ways to do them.

    I went with what was easiest for me as a total non techy and newbie.

    I have found for most newbies, the key is doing the steps.

    So good luck and let us know how it goes for you.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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