Have document hosting sites lost "power" like article sites?

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There used to be a lot of hype about uploading documents with your keyword links to document hosting sites.

I haven't heard much about it lately. Is it now less useful like EzineArticles is after the last Google algorithm update?
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    EzineArticles is still useful. So are some other main ones such as GoArticles and ArticleBase. They're less useful than they used to be - such as when Ezine posts would relatively easily show up on the first page of Google. Now it takes some more work and dedication.
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    I haven't heard much about that strategy lately either but I am sure it probably work when used accordingly.
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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    I never thought they were that good in the first place and they certainly haven't improved.
    I thought they were kind of "reasonable to quite good" a couple of years ago.

    They definitely haven't improved.

    I haven't specifically monitored/tested them in any way, but my subjective impression is that their value to me has certainly deteriorated over the last couple of years. I still wouldn't call them "entirely useless for backlinks" in the way almost all article directories so clearly are.
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