Where do you outsource?

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Where do you guys outsource your backlinking and articles?

It's my first time outsourcing and I just registered on Textbroker for the article writing, and was looking around on Fiverr for backlinking gigs.

What would you guys recommend?
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    For SEO, I'd check out some of the known Warriors in Warriors For Hire. I like iWriter for some simplistic article needs, though generally they'll need some "love" to be used on money sites. Good writers in Warriors For Hire as well, though, so I guess you should just start there.
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    Warriors for Hire/Classified Ads

    It is difficult to recommend anyone of these - you could get a great freelancer or a terrible one on any of the sites mentioned. Stick to those with a decent history and good feedback. If you ever work with anyone without feedback, be sure to start them small and gradually trust them more over time.

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    I usually find outsourced workers on Philippines, because they speak very good English, they are very inexpensive and great people. I never use elance.com or guru.com. You can find good workers if you Google Philippines jobs or websites like jobstreet.com. I had very good experiences with these resources. But the truth is that I use this stuff if I want to get something technical done, like flash design or graphic design.
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      Backlinking on Fiverr. There is a new WSO today, called Gig Scraper BTW, cool software, does a high speed search for you. Article writing never outsourced before, but you get a few excellent writers here in warrior forum.
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    Fiverr or ddig are 2 places I outsource for my backlinkallstars site if my main suppliers are busy or not available.
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    for articles, I definitely recommend articlewritingetc, he is on this forum and does great 800 word amazon reviews for $5 each.
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    Elance is also very good.You can find some inexpensive workers there.

    War Room Member

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    I have used Odesk before. I really like their system.
    My last SEO guy I found here on the warrior forum.
    For articles you may want to look at the Content Authority
    I'm currently looking for people in the Philippines as there timezone is closer to mine.
    Good Luck
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    For backlinking my sites and my client's sites I use "Warriors for Hire", Fiverr and sometimes Craigslist. It pays to have a few good vendors who you use often, so you build a relationship.
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      Fiverr for SEO, for sure. I've found some really good gigs on there that actually do make a difference in my rankings. Graphics are also good to get on Fiverr, as you can get some really good ones very cheaply.

      I like 99centarticles.com for content, if I'm not doing my own. I usually do my own, but with my network of affiliate sites growing, I sometimes need a little extra help, and it's hard to find a service with writing that lives up to my own standards. I've found the best results for the least amount of money with 99centarticles.com, and their work usually only requires a little bit of editing on my part to make it readable and more professional in tone.
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        Lucy Writes,

        Which package do you recommend for the 99cent site? Thanks.
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          Originally Posted by Billll View Post

          Lucy Writes,

          Which package do you recommend for the 99cent site? Thanks.
          I usually go for the straight 500 word article packages, and usually get the 500 word package with 5 articles in it. I mix it up with some other packages sometimes, but that's the one I use the most, when I order from them. It's pretty good quality. Not award-winning stuff, by any means, but it's adequate for interior page blog content on niche blogs.
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    Odesk for seo and web design. The Content Authority for my articles.
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    Odesk and Fiverr, sometimes I use Freelancer as well.
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    Fiverr & Warriors For Hire for SEO
    iWriter for article writing

    Haven't bitten the bullet with hiring a VA yet but something I want to look into this year!
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      Originally Posted by MarketingChad View Post

      Fiverr & Warriors For Hire for SEO
      iWriter for article writing

      Haven't bitten the bullet with hiring a VA yet but something I want to look into this year!
      How do you find iwriter articles? I am about to launch my first blog and using iwriter articles for it. Is it a good idea to use iwriter articles as your main blog posts where you will make the sales pitch for your affiliate link or is it a good idea to use iwriter articles only for seo purposes and take it upon yourself to write your main blog posts.

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    I use BHW for both if I need high quality. For low quality I go for cheap fiverr gigs.
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    I've used Fiverr for backlinking, but I've noticed that the quality of the links are generally not all that great, so they don't carry much weight with the big G. There are some great outsource workers right here in the "Warriors for Hire" section. Just make sure to read their reviews before selecting one.

    Want to know the fastest way to $10k per month? Free webinar shows how- http://bit.ly/2IazUb7

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    Fiverrs but a good place to outsource but for larger projects vworker has shown some good results as well
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    Onlinejobs.ph would be awesome. directory.outsourcingautopilot.com is also a good place to hire cheap VAs.

    Learn how to make more money using outsourcing and virtual assistants while freeing up your valuable time. Visit http://outsourcingautopilot.com

    Facebook - Twitter

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    We have found that you are the best writer for your articles. If you can spin them properly-

    That way you have control over your article content.
    Letmeknowseo.comSEO News and tips From real SEO'ers!
    Linklicious- Get your links crawled, so they can count
    SEO Black Book By: R.L. Adams An Insider's Guide to the SEO Industry
    Glowing Reviews- Get your Online Business Reviews to STICK!
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    Usually on the warrior forum. Sometimes I just go straight to people I know who will do the work.

    I never use, Fiverr, Odesk, Elance type sites. Yeah you pay low prices, but i've found the majority of the time you are paying for what you receive. Low quality work.

    Sometimes, you do find a gold-mine on these sites, just most people don't have the funds to sway through all the crap until they find something worth-while.
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    The Philippines here's why:

    7.b. Where Can You Outsource?
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    No matter where you look for VAs be as specific as possible about what it is that you want done, article structure, keyword density, word count, paragraph count completion date and grammar, writing style and give an example post when possible of what you expect the article to look like. Be clear that if they do not meet your set criteria, articles will be rejected until it does. If your writers have read and fully understand your agreement you should have no troubles no matter where you hire them from.
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    Elance, Guru or WF
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    I have a VA now that is in the Philippines and she is awesome. She definitely takes care of business. $300 a month at 40 hours a week.

    You can check out some here:

    Hire Filipinos - Find Online Workers in the Philippines | EasyOutsource
    Best Jobs Philippines :: Philippine job search, job bank, employment and recruitment
    Virtual Assistants from all over the world

    I got my VA from easyoutsource.com.
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