How did you get your sudden breakthrough?

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I know there are warriors out there who have made it. Maybe they'd been working online for quite a while with limited success and then, within a few short months, it all suddenly started to snowball.

To those who are already successful, my question is this:

What was your sudden breakthrough? What new technique did you use which suddenly increased the size of your list, or your click-through rate, or your sales?

This is a challenge to all successful warriors to spill some of the beans!

I'm sure many people out there would be grateful to know the secrets of your success. Many thanks in advance!
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    I would be very interested to read the responses to this as I am a relatively new Internet Marketer who has succumbed to the "shiny object syndrome" in the past and of course found myself poorer and frustrated for it. The best way to learn is from the ones who've succeeded!
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    Mindset, discipline and persistence.

    Also understanding that all these courses are about other
    peoples success, and other people have their own skill sets....

    Its makes sense to reason that in order to be successful yourself
    you must follow your own path, figure out your own strong points,
    which will take time then just keep at it.

    Make YOUR OWN twists on methods.
    Think out of the box.

    I remember hearing this from a Eben Pagen seminar.

    They had a bunch of people who made over 250k a year
    and wanted to find out what they all did in common.

    As it turns out, they did have something in common.

    Guess what THAT was?

    Speed of implementation.

    If they thought something was right for their business,
    they wouldnt talk to friends or family about it.
    They would just DO IT.

    Hence, where all this TAKE ACTION speak comes from....

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