How much spend at Fiverr?

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Iv bought a total of 57 gigs

= $305 (with a $20 extra)

I will be honest, I have bought a lot of crap but I also have bought a lot of really good things... Im really happy with fiverr and I would say it was a good $305 investment.

What about you guys? How much have you spent on fiverr?
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    GOODNESS!!! Can't say I've come close to that in my lifetime of buying from there.. probably spent $100 total so far, though I may use them in the near future for some other things. I've made some money too though so I just keep using the money I make and reinvesting it into gigs I may need.
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    Spent about $150 and like you some was well spent and others were just garbage. Sometimes it does not pay to go onto fiverr late at night, what was I thinking.

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    I've browsed it but nothing has taken my fancy.

    I did like the Amazonian tribesman who searches through the jungle an finds a piece of paper with your message on it.
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    I believe in fiverr, I ordered 3 gigs last week and worked like a charm, one of them had 365 gigs on queue(I know insane,but true)to be completed in 4 days....Fiverr is growing,a lot of guys that use to sell on here for $25-$47 is going to fiverr otherwise they will not make money at all.

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    Fiverr was the 1st place i actually made money online with. madzstar does some great ecovers from ebooks to magazine covers, files and cds and more search him out.
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    i love fiverr, it made me save a lot in buying stuff like wp premium themes, backlink and other seo tools. for backlink services, you have to check the rating of the seller
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    can't believe I am going to give this away. But we are doing insanely well by outsourcing fiverr press releases and distribution. Our last one made its way by sponsorship all the way to the wall street journal (for one of our financial niches) I was estatic that day. Doing backflips in the tv room. LOL.

    But I have a journalist friend who I pay to write my press releases, and they are tip top quality. I would say he is the best at what he does. So if you have a killer press release and use fiverr who knows where you could be getting traffic from and exposure. And we all know more exposure means more traffic for you. YIPPEE!
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    Hi Michael,

    I've also bought a few cool gigs off fiverr. We just may want to keep mindful of the 'shiney new gig' syndrome. hah. It all depends what you're buying off of there. It can be a useful place to find some great people for articles, backlinks, and even everyday fun gigs!

    Just keep an eye out for the seller's feedback, and how many successful gig's they've had, and perhaps even ask others. This way you can get a winning gig almost every time.


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    There are some real gems at fiverr, I find myself on there 2-3times a week, hunting the quality gigs down!

    Probably spent over $100 over the last few months, some has been money well spent, others have been a waste, but hey ho only a $5, and by trying and testing you are weeding out the crap and building a list of great gigs.

    The feedback helps a bit, but for SEO type gigs the majority of it is positive, for the fact the gig has been delivered, and not for what impact it had with regards to SERPS.
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    celente - Care to share a link? Sounds good. I'll add it to my list if you'd like?
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    I spend about $75 on different SEO services and I have found it can get to page 1 pretty soon.
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    I have only spent about $25 on gigs, but I have my own gigs on there now and may start buying some gigs to promote some new projects I am working on.

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    I spent around $100 on Fiverr gigs. If you check the ratings first before you buy, you shouldn't have any trouble. I am very happy with most of them. You can reject the craps within 3 days and get your money back.

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