Would Bullet lists be 'Keyword Stuffing'

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Hi Guys,

Regarding writing copy, if I may dare say, that inserting my keywords throughout my content, I'm actually pretty good and can do it without ever ruining the flow of the text. Plus and more importantly, not saturating the text with tons and tons of keywords.

However, if I wish to create a list of bulleted points (2-3 keyword phrases), down the left hand side of the page, for what I'm writing and in order to convey a point to my article, I 'need' to really use these bullet points consisting of aprx.95% of my keywords.

Would that in essence be considered keyword stuffing? I ask this, because I do not all, intend to 'stuff' keywords whatsoever, but with these bullet-point words, it's quite necessary for me to use most of my keywords.

I love to hear your thoughts before I go out and publish this piece and find out the Google police will knock on my door.

Thanks alot for listening!

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    Originally Posted by marxwarfor View Post

    Hi Guys,
    Google police will knock on my door.
    I don't really think Google will pay much attention to it - how would they do it? By dropping your website from index? Well, i don't think so - especially if you just want to create those bullet lists for a better visitors' perception of the whole website's concept and they would NATURALLY include those keywords, wouldn't they?

    So I don't really see a problem with it.
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      Hi Robby,

      Thanks for your reply. Well, I hope you're right, as I have to say I'm still a little bit wary, as I'm trying to figure out how would a computer be able to decipher lots of keywords in a bulllet list, as opposed to those same words if they were strewn all over the content as a whole?
      However, I do appreciate your input and for you taking the time to reply - thanks again!
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        So now I'm confused. Are you going to write an article or page and then use bullet points along the side the article or page also, or are you going to use bullet points in your article or page and use your keywords there.

        If it is the latter instead of the former I would thing that if the keywords were different rather than the same set of keywords strewn throughout the article I don't see how Google can do anything to you.

        I think it is pretty much keyword stuffing if the same keywords are used extensively throughout the article.

        Common practice is approximately 3 to 4 percent keywords to the total page of content.

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          thanks alot Ted for your reply.

          i was planning on using different keywords in the bullet lists - for the most part, as opposed to the rest of the 'page'. i'll just be careful not to repeat myaelf too much from the bullet list words vs. rest of page words.

          Thanks again for your input Ted

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