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I didn't see this mentioned when I searched the forum so I thought I'd bring it up.

I know that some people have had problems before with getting their account locked because of not so stellar credit. Now with these changes I'm sure that, as well as other reasons for locking, may become more common place.

Furthermore they state that some services (not sure which ones) REQUIRE positive ID so I wonder if they are going to do mass blocking starting here in a month if positive ID isn't on file?

I know that these things are for everyone's protection including the seller's. However, I know that many people have never had to provide SS# or driver's licenses and so the transition into these new rules may be a pain.

Amendment to the PayPal User Agreement
Effective Date: April 1, 2012
  • Section 2.3 of the User Agreement (Identity Authentication) is being amended because we are making changes to our customer identification program as a result of changes in the law. Section 2.3 will now read:
2.3 Identity Authentication. You authorize PayPal, directly or through third parties, to make any inquiries we consider necessary to validate your identity. This may include asking you for further information, requiring you to provide your date of birth, a taxpayer identification number and other information that will allow us to reasonably identify you, requiring you to take steps to confirm ownership of your email address or financial instruments, ordering a credit report, or verifying your Information against third party databases or through other sources. We may also ask to see your driver's license or other identifying documents at any time. If you use certain PayPal Services federal law requires that PayPal verify some of your Information. PayPal reserves the right to close, suspend, or limit access to your Account and/or the PayPal Services in the event we are unable to obtain or verify this Information.

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    Thanks for informaing us mate

    Will check complete updates in PP now
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    Thanks for letting us know mate, appreciate it.
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      Just one more reason to look into payment processor alternatives. While I've never had a problem with PayPal, I keep reading stories that make me feel like they're not the most reliable payment processor and that one should always have backups. I've signed up with a couple of lesser known payment processors that I haven't used yet, and now I'm thinking getting a merchant account through my bank or some other well known company would be a good idea. You just never can be too secure with PayPal, I think.
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    While that new amendment is specific, I was under the impression they were making those requests of users for quite some time. I know the SS# has been required for US vendors, since late last year.
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    Thanks Mark,

    I wonder if this is an answer to "locked" accounts. You obviously are looking at the negative aspect, this will allow them to lock more accounts based on credit, but what if this cuts down on the locking because they are more aggressive about verifying real identities? Before a suspicious looking account would get shut down even if it was legit. Maybe now if they can verify legitimacy beforehand, they will be less likely to shut it down to protect themselves.

    I dunno, could be totally wrong but I like to look on the brightside! haha
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    PayPal has for years demanded to see this type of information, but now it is more clear in the policy.

    In my view, this is part of a wider crackdown on the net so that governments can more quickly and easily identify and locate copyright and trademark infringers, 'wikileaks' and government whistleblowers, etc.

    That is why you see the proposal for domain registrars to verify identities and request similar information.

    It of course also helps online service providers deal with a tsunami of fraud. Facebook now requires phone ID. Google is trying to force it.

    The ultimate goal is to eliminate anonymity and privacy online and allow greater government control.

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    Thanks for informing us.

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    Whilst this news is of some interest, should we not maybe keep it in perspective.

    I have opened many bank accounts and credit cards over my 1/2 century and as far as I can recall, I was required to show proof of my identity each and every time. I seem to recall they also performed credit checks and validation against local government registers so the fact that PayPal might also request some form of ID is not really venturing into the realms of victimisation, nor does it strike me as a devious government ploy to control my each and every action.

    Yes, some people have had accounts frozen and equally, many more also will. PayPal have almost 100m active users and I don't think that the minor percentage turnover generated within the Warrior Forum is necessarily warranting of such close scrutiny.

    If a Warrior undertakes a series of transactios that raises flags at PayPal Central, then of course their eyes will drift in this direction but let's not search for consipiracy and try to view this in a more logical manner.

    I personally would be far happier to buy off someone who had at least proven that they were a real person, wouldn't you? Or are we more worried that in reality, closer scrutiny might also mean legitimising a business activity that has previously been hard to track.

    Warriors are not tax exempt, they do not have diplomatic immunity, so let's accept the facts of business, treat this as a business and understand the workings of business and then perhaps the panic will go away into the realms of reality.
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    Thanks for this post, very helpful.
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    Paypal already has my tax information. I can't even remember when
    I submitted this or how they got it so there is nothing breakthrough
    about this change.

    -Ray Edwards
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    good info, but not too surprising
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    Lots of paypal issues popping up lately...somewhat concerning
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