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Hi, I am trying to change the config.php permission file for rapid actions profits. It says to change the CHMOD to 777.

When I open the file this is what I see. Where do I make the change?

// Database configuration


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    Instead of opening the file in notepad or whatever editor you are using you will be doing this either in your ftp program or cPanel login. I prefer using my ftp. Just open up your site and locate the file. Then right click and you should see either "properties" or "file attributes" depending on your ftp program. You will change the "numerical value" to "777" and hit "okay".
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    you don't have to change the contents of the file at all. You can do it over your Cpanel or your fpt program. Just right click and select change permission and set it at 777 or check all three boxes.

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    hey Glenn,

    This needs to be done inside of your FTP program or inside of your website control panel.

    Inmost FTP programs, if you just right-click on the config file. You will see something that says properties or something similar. This is where you need to make the change to 777.
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      I was trying to do it in my ftp, and that is where I got that code from. But after seeing your replies, I went back and tried again. I right clicked and it says change attributes. Then it gave me what I needed.

      That's why I like this forum. It saved my keyboard from getting a beating.

      Thanks Glenn
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