JVzoo or Warrior Plus for first time WSO sellers?

by 1Dina
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Hi everyone!

What's the best platform for first time WSO sellers?

I know Warrior Plus has been around for a while and JVzoo is new but I've been hearing a lot of great things about JVzoo.

What do you recommend?

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    We have begun using JV Zoo and have found it to be a great.


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    Thanks Anton

    Most IMers Ive talked to the last few weeks also like JVZOO
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    If you go to the JVZoo site, you can see a comparison chart. You will find JVzoo is the top pick!
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    Originally Posted by 1Dina View Post

    What's the best platform for first time WSO sellers?
    Whichever one gets your product up and out there for sale!

    WSO Pro, JVZoo, DigiResults, MooshPay - they're all good. I've used them all, I'm made sales on them all, I've got affiliates on them all. They're basically interchangeable. Just pick one you like.
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    JVZoo is becoming more and more popular. A lot of cool features.

    Of course a lot of the big affiliates are still over at WSO Pro. If you want to target those affiliates, go that route. But honestly they all work great, just get your product out there.
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      I just started using JVZoo. I think the set up is a little more complicated but I think its pretty good so far! I do like the ease of refunding and how it splits the commissions automatically! And also how you can add a oto for the same flat fee.

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