Traffic Isn't Everything!

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Hi Warriors.

I just wanted to share a revelation that hit me recently. I was studying traffic generation techniques, 'cos we all need traffic right, more traffic = more sales.

Then I remembered long ago when I used to promote via direct mail and the mantra used to be test, test and test again.

Sheer traffic volume alone won't make you any sales, if the first 500 visitors haven't bought your product or opt'ed into your list then what chance do you have with another 500?

So at times its neccessary to look at the big picture and keep asking yourself how could I improve:
  1. Web site presentation, is it well designed, clearly laid out with simple navigation?
  2. Sales copy, is it the best it can be, can you perhaps think of another killer headline you could test?
  3. Free opt-in bonus, does it deliver a high value content?
  4. Bonus material, again is it relevant and will it deliver value?
I'd love to know if anyone has any examples of a simple little change they made to their site or marketing method which resulted in a sales spike?
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    Definitely, I agree with you. Having a great landing page is just as important. Thats why I spent alot of my time tweaking my squeeze page before I even considered getting any traffic. I look at it like this, when someone visits your page, why would they want your product when someone else is offering the same similar product with better web design and sales copy

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    Having a demo or sample content will add more value. It's also good if you have an attractive offer, good stories or facts and very effective call to action.
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    Originally Posted by AnthonyWilson View Post

    Sheer traffic volume alone won't make you any sales, if the first 500 visitors haven't bought your product or opt'ed into your list then what chance do you have with another 500?
    Exactly! Has to be targeted traffic. Then, of course, a good offer when they arrive there (something that the targeted traffic wants) and a great sales page that helps them decide that "Yes, this exactly what they want .... and now desire"
    Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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    Even without a list, a huge volume of traffic doesn't mean anything it is isn't targeted traffic. I have many products that convert at about 1/40 visitors. This means that if I can get 100 visitors per day, I will more than likely make a couple of sales.

    The more targetted traffic you get, the more sales you will make. This is a fact, as far as my business goes. I have proven it to myself.

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    Having a landing page that converts at its highest rate is much more important than having a site that gets tons of traffic and in the end gets no sale. You can have targeted traffic coming into your site and they will bounce out as soon as they came.

    If you are doing pay per click, this is even more important, with seo you don't pay for traffic, with ppc your clicks are wasted as is your budget. Traffic generation is huge for all businesses but it doesn't do any good if your site can't close to sale or generate a lead/signup.

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    I agree with every one else, target, target, target. See so many people just trying to get traffic, as much as possible.
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    Traffic IS everything because you need to have traffic to get sales.

    You don't need traffic to set up a blog, improve your landing page, improve the look of your website or provide an opt in facility.

    However, you do need traffic to get sales and it is the one piece of the puzzle that is essential.

    Also, if you have no traffic you can't improve all those other features of your website because you can't test them.

    So I would say - traffic is everything - it comes first, it is where it starts and everything else is underneath, all encompassed by your traffic - everything else comes after traffic.
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