Clickable Links in Youtube Videos?

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I've searched but all I found so far was how to add links to other youtube videos, but not to my website. Is there is a simple way?
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    You cannot put links on your video other than links that send you to another YT video as I'm aware of.

    BUT, you can put your link on your video's Description without any problem.

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      There are 2 methods

      1.) Adding Clickable Links to actual Videos on YouTube

      2.) Adding Clickable links on Embedded Videos on your website.

      Adding Clickable Links to Your actual YouTube Videos on YouTube

      Method 1 - Clickable links on YOUTUBE

      You will need

      A.) Youtube account
      B.) Adwords Account

      Step 1.) Go To click GET STARTED

      Step 2.) Enter a BUDGET of 0.01 cent

      Step 3.) Click on I WANT TO USE THIS BUDGET

      Step 4.) Click on CREATE NEW PROMOTION

      This will now show you all your videos in your YouTube account

      Step 5.) Choose the video you want to add a link to then CLICK NEXT I AGREE

      Step 6.) Now enter the text You want to show on the video

      Step 7.) Choose your thumbnail and CLICK NEXT

      Step 8.) Add your keywords for your video and then click ADD TO LIST then click NEXT

      Step 9.) Set you CPV (cost per view) Dont worry you wont have to pay anything so in that space put 0.01 then click NEXT

      Step 10.) Here you will preview your promotion then click on OK RUN MY PROMOTION

      Step 11.) Very IMPORTANT

      Under MY PROMOTIONS you will see your video and a small box on the left, CHECK THE BOX then just above it CLICK ON PAUSE this will ensure you dont get charged.

      Step 12.) Go To Youtube log in and find the video you just set up and click on Edit

      Under the video you will see CALL TO ACTION OVERLAY

      Enter your HEADLINE and Description this will be what appears on the video also add the display URL which will be what is seen on the video and then the destination URL this is where the viewer is sent when they click on the link on the video ie your Affiliate link or website.


      You now have a Free clickable link right on your YouTube Video

      For Amazon Affiliates do not link directly to Amazon send them to your website.

      Method 2.

      Adding Clickable Links to Your Embedded Videos on Your Website
      So you want to embedd a video from YouTube on your website why not add a clickable CALL TO ACTION LINK here is how you do it

      Step 1.) Go to YouTube and find a video you want to embedd onto your website this could be a review someone has done for a product you are promoting on Amazon.

      Step 2.) Copy the URL to the YouTube Video

      Step 3.) Go to">

      Step 4.) on the right you will see spaces to enter your details

      YOU TUBE VIDEO - enter the YouTube you want to use

      BUTTON TEXT - This is the message that will be put on the video you can use it as a call to Action such as BUY NOW Click Here

      BUTTON URL - This is where you put your DIRECT affiliate link to the Amazon product on Amazon or any other Affiliate page, remember to make sure you have your affiliate link in there.

      Button Mode - This allows you to choose how to present the clickable button I always leave it set to SHOW ALWAYS

      HOVER TITLE - This is additional text title that when you hover your mouse over the button it shows this could be something like ON SALE NOW or something along those links

      HOVER TEXT - This is a sub headline under the above Hover title

      Step 5.) Click Save and Get Code

      Copy Embed code and place it on your website

      YOUR ALL DONE you now have an embedded video on your site with a clickable link in the actual video to your Amazon product or your affiliate offer.

      On a closing note never add your Amazon link directly to Amazon from Youtube direct them to your site first but if your using the embedd method you can send them right to Amazon via the link on the video.

      This is a part of my mini Youtube Amazon course within my Amz Training Academy I hope it helps

      Kickin it on Amazon

      Gaz Cooper
      Amz Training Academy

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    You definitely cannot put links to websites inside YouTube videos. The only way you can do that is through their advertising platform.
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    you can no longer do that. Back then you could of, some people use to make the entire screen clickable that way it would take them to their site, also it would block out the people after the vid ended in recommended vids.

    but they removed that just when i got into IM. I know this because I have a videogame walkthrough channel and a music channel.

    so only way is to have a simple watermark of your website in the vid and also in description.
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    Have a look this from dave kamiski I think it will only work on embeded youtube videos but you can put clickable links in them
    here is the link (not affiliated) YouTube Product Special :
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    For those playing at home there is a nice simple video tutorial of this posted already on the Warrior Forum...
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      Hello WW,

      I used to add clickable links to my Camtasia videos...the only requirement was: They had to be Flash Videos. Would that work on Youtube as well??

      I have switched to a Mac and now have no Camtasia but would dedicate a machine if this is a feature that I could use.

      Thanks for a great tutorial. You could have created a small WSO and charged. Thanks for the gift. You are one of the good guys.

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    Thanks for sharing your insight Gaz
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    Exactly what I was looking for! You guys rock!
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  • Profile picture of the author monkeytrousers
    Exactly what I was looking for! You guys rock!
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    Thanks everyone for this thread. I have been looking for this kind of information also.
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    LinkedTube lets you create links from your YouTubeTM videos. LinkedTube - Video Links For YouTube

    IMSource | #1 Resource For Internet Marketers
    Click here For my favorite internet marketing tool of all time
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    hey dcrodwell,

    i'm sure youtube will cut out the link

    when you have the highest upgrade on animoto, you get to put a link at the end of the video. youtube lets you upload or export the video to them but the link gets cut out.

    i've done the adwords thing. it pops up for a few seconds in the beginning and then a few seconds before the end. you can lose click throughs if the person needed more time than the opening seconds and thinks s/he won't go to see the link again, and leaves before it's over.

    that is why I keep a constant annotation that says, "Click the little blue link below, in the description area" (And I always put that link as the very first thing in the description.

    i actually think that is so effective that i quit doing the adwords thing and did not notice any drop off in conversions. probably doesn't hurt to do both, but i don't think it's needed. i could be wrong, but i'm sure the annotation increases conversions.

    a bit of of off topic advice to anyone who's up for it. i just got my account terminated with 73 videos. from now on, i make separate accounts and put no more than 5 videos in each.

    that should do 2 things

    a) help me fly under the radar better

    b) make it less painful if "a)" doesn't happen
    Have you started ANY prepping yet? Got some back up food and water at least? (Just askin')
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    While this is always a fun topic to talk about, YouTube has evolved a lot. It's important to look at the bigger picture. Good video is hard to create. But, if created and promoted with a little thought, it can transform how you do business in a very good way.

    The video itself is a tool that has the potential to educate, entertain, entice, provoke, or otherwise cause the viewer to experience emotion and then act.

    When using Adwords for Video you aren't paying for the click that takes you from your YouTube video to your website; you pay for the click that takes viewers to your video on second biggest search engine in the world based on keywords and phrases entered into the search box present on every single page of YouTube. (the third most visited site in the world)

    If you've ever wondered where your customers are, here is your answer.


    * Okay, okay. You get it. YouTube is super great. Move on. *

    If you understand the rules Google uses for Adwords, the Adwords for Video platform is super easy to understand, and you save a grundle of time and money right out of the gate.

    It's also important to know that there are more ways to advertise with YouTube than just putting a clickable link that goes to your website inside your video.

    This post is already long enough, so I won't get into that right now.

    Personal Example:

    I have a video that's been on the first page of Google for 2 years now. It's for a very effective keyword. It's responsible for a 20k email list based on 4 videos I made 2 years ago, another 4 videos I made a year ago, and now another 4 videos I made a few months ago.

    Once you understand how valuable users are when in a certain emotional state (mostly in pain) you can address that pain or emotion in a very intimate and helpful way in a video. Videos build trust in a way that few other mediums can compare to.

    At this point all you need to do is explain to the viewer where they can go to alleviate their pain. The chances that they follow your suggestion is exponentially higher since you took the time to build trust within the video itself.

    The fact that the video shows up as a thumbnail image in the Google search results instantly pulling any eye traffic right to it just makes your position in Google even more effective, and is icing on the otherwise already delicious cake known as your traffic directing video.

    Since Google owns YouTube, AND users are demanding video content more and more every day, it puts a great deal of incentive on savvy marketers to make good quality videos that actually solves a problem.

    I spent 4 months promoting my video like crazy. Since I made sure it didn't just solve a problem, but told viewers where to go to make the problem easier to solve in the video. (my website) I knew it would be an easy to pass along video for anyone who wants that particular problem solved.

    Here's the catch.

    I only promoted it to people/blogs/other YouTube videos who were actively searching for my solution. I personally began spreading the link around everywhere that it was relevant.


    That's the key. If you are trying to spread your solution in social spaces that don't want it, it won't spread at all.

    Don't Force It

    I used the YouTube Keyword Tool to make sure I was on track with what my audience was searching for. Using the Google Keyword Tool helped too.

    After 3 weeks of posting my YouTube video link everywhere I thought it would help I got burned out and never promoted the video again, but it paid off.

    4 months later I didn't need to promote it any more. It created a slow steady burn that was enough to pass both Google's AND potential customers BS meters.

    It was everywhere it needed to be organically. After the 4 months I didn't have to pay YouTube for the traffic anymore.

    While there are plenty of strategies that blasts a lot of traffic at a website for a short period of time using YouTube, it's important to consider a more stable approach that I have personally seen great success with.

    In conclusion, I am going to cap my wall of text with the simple advice to plan ahead a little with your videos. You may surprise yourself with how creative and effective you can truly be.

    Show some love show some and thanks. lol That took awhile...
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