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I have never had this problem before but I just started a new blog a few days ago and it isn't indexed yet. So far I have a couple of posts and a couple of pages on the site and have submitted each post to some social bookmarking sites.

I have submitted the site to Google, Yahoo and MSN.

I have also created 2 Squidoo lenses and linked them back to the site. The lenses I have pinged and also submitted the rss feeds to a couple of rss feed directories.

I know its only a few days, but neither my site or my lenses have been indexed. Usually when I have created lenses in the past I've had them indexed within a day.

Any ideas? I will keep going and adding to the blog and perhaps will submit some articles to directories and link them back to the lenses also.
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    No idea why there would be a problem so just wait it out.

    Try not to over load your blog with content in case it appears "unnatural" - but again I'm not 100% on the whole Natural and Unnatural thing either.
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    Thanks I guess I will just wait and see. I might do some article marketing over the next couple of days too and see if that helps.
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    Get links from already indexed sites.

    Linking an unidexed site to another unindexed site won't help


    Slime England

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    Make sure to hit digg and the do-follow social bookmarking sites at
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    hmm thats weird i just created a autoblog and it took it a couple of days to show in google it was a wp blog but it first showed up then it disappeared I dont think the blogs are getting indexed as fast as people are hoping

    I just read a thread with someone else saying the same thing i know for sure mine took a couple of days to show up but my blog was a video autoblog so it had no written content
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