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by Moik
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I am bit sick of reading about affiliate and looking on other success, its greate, but I am sick that I am not making any action cause I am paralised from information.
I have a plan, please show me direction!
I have 25 articles in niche about archery!
search for this keyword is avarage 14,800
and search results for this kw shows around 68.000pages, and in first page in google is results with page rank zero...
I will try to get normal domain name, cause good one is impossible to get for this kw, I will choose clean wp theme, insert all 25 articles and in related articles I will add my clickbank product similar to article, and I will add this product affiliate link into every second article.
The question is, can I do that??? I need your adices!
I will include adsense as well, but I do not know if its necesarry, cause cpc is too low!?
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    I just want to say lots of people dont like to give out there niche for fear of competion

    I think you are off to a good start I would pick a good theme for word press something nice on the eyes make sure your wp blog has the proper plugins especially the all in one seo plugin its a must have to get ranked in the search engines

    I would get my site going dont worry about having it prefect if this is your first site just get something done you will learn from your mistakes I would also take some articles and submit to ezine articles I have heard many people have got a couple sales just from doing that

    I would not suggest putting google adsense unless your site has failed to make you any money what happens is this distracts your vistors and you want the primary purpose is for them to buy also a good idea is a review of the clickbank product make it seem like you are talking to them about the product and why it is good for you I think you are off to a good start just keep trying and never give up
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    Sounds like you have a plan to me.

    - Are you saying that you can not come up with a domain name that involves your main keyword?

    - Do you understand how to get your WP blog uploaded and optimized since it seems like you're after some free search engine traffic.

    - After you get your domain name then you must get a hosting account right?

    - After you get your WP blog uploaded and optimized, simply post the articles one by one and then ping the RSS feed at a place like for traffic.

    - Learn all the other many ways to get traffic to your blog. ( search this forum )

    - Why not have an affiliate ad at the end of each article??

    Sales Manger is correct, Adsense and affiliate offers don't really go together.

    - Are those articles original or plr?

    If they are original, you can also submit them to the article directories.

    If not, you can submit the articles/content to other places - all over the net to generate traffic.

    - You seem to be after some free search engine traffic.

    You need to become a master of traffic generation and you'll find plenty of threads regarding traffic generation here at this forum.

    Hope This Helps!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    The best thing you can do is create an attractive ad for the clickbank product and then code it into the worpress post footer. That means that EVERY post will have that advertisement at the bottom of the post. You can then also add the advertisment in your sidebar.

    Make sure that at the bottom of each post you tell them to check out your special offer. You can then give them bonuses if they purchase the archery guide through your link.
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