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Is this free method saturated?
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    Originally Posted by flatbro94 View Post

    Is this free method saturated?

    Almost certainly.

    Which method are you referring to?

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    No, not at all. Although, I never recommend building a business around a Web 2.0 property. In the event they fold or change their TOS, you could find all of your pages wiped out.
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    Squidoo is certainly not saturated and has a real place in your Amazon portfolio as Wolf mentions, I would not base my whole business around Squidoo but I most certainly would reccommend adding Lenses, and Hub pages to your portfolio for solid back links and extra exposure.

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    Squidoo is a top 250 website on the internet. I wouldn't necessarily worry about putting all my eggs in that basket, as it's a very solid basket. Though, like others stated you could lose all your pages if they decided to ban you (I doubt they are going anywhere anytime soon). Your best bet is to put half your eggs in Squidoo and half in Hubpages since they are extremely similar.
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      Originally Posted by Matthew Anton View Post

      doubt they are going anywhere anytime soon
      Lots of affiliates got crushed when Squidoo was hammered by Google several years ago. The same thing happened with HubPages last year. That's why I prefer my own sites/domains.
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    Squidoo is back and stronger than ever. Hubpages is nowhere to be found.

    Squidoo is certainly not saturated. Google loves squidoo and when I hit on something hot, Google sends it traffic within hours. The key is finding something hot.
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    Originally Posted by flatbro94 View Post

    Is this free method saturated?
    Not at all. However, sites do change the rules, close down etc.

    I suggest building your own sites and using Squidoo sites for backlinks and to make money with. However, don't build your business around Squidoo.

    It is pretty easy to rank with Squidoo as they are getting a lot of Google love lately. I have been able to put up a lens and make sales within a couple days.

    They are good for testing ideas, putting up content on things you want to explore but not make a full website with, etc. They can be fast and easy to make cash with. And they can be fun to make also.

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    Squidoo is still great! Google loves Squidoo!!!!!

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    Define saturated. Of course if you mean is every guy and his brother trying to make money from it, then yes, it's saturated. Almost every good way of making money online is "saturated." However, that doesn't mean it doesn't still work.

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    I always prefer squidoo..., its still great...You can easily sign up for free accounts at places Squidoo
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    Squidoo seems to get a lot of love from google, so I don't think it's saturated!
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    As some have pointed out already. Build your own sites and use Squidoo for backlinks. Build a lens for every product you market on your own site.You will get a few good back links and also make money from squidoo.
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      For me, I like Squidoo for backlinks. If I make a sale, that's just a bonus.

      Hubpages and I aren't on speaking terms. They pulled a review of mine last year for being too promotional. It was a freakin' review. How do you review something without it sounding slightly promotional? Geesh!
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        Hi Flatbro, as explained elsewhere at such length and in such detail, don't base your business on web-pages you can neither own nor control.

        Whatever Squidoo can give you, you can get (just as free of charge) elsewhere and be in control yourself.

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    My newbie questions about squidoo to build backlinks to my site;

    1; I think squidoo not allowed topics about; fitness, weight lo2s, dating,IM, but squidoo is full from this topics??

    2;Backlinks to my site; How I promote my lense to become traffic still sit only in squidoo or must I doo rss, SB bookmark or so for my lense or only adding groups?

    3: How many SB bookmark I need for my lense to feed theese with other article content (not the same on the lense)? 2-3,10-20 SB ?

    4; Must I share my amazon commission with squidoo, or can I put my own affiliate ID in my lenses to earn 100% from my commission?

    I will build my lenses with my affiliate products similiar as my website
    ( similiar as flowski- gift's-n-ideas on squidoo), so squidoo people will buy or not or go to my own site and buy there or click on an adsense ad.

    But there is one thing I don't understand, social traffic is not buying or brings lesser conversion rates, why should theese people buy my amazon affiliate products on squidoo???????

    best wishes
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    It is recommended to use Squidoo as a part of your backlinking strategy as Google loves them.

    However, as other members have said, you'll have to be careful while using it though because if they change their TOS then you'll in a bad situation where your lenses would be deleted.

    The best idea is not to put all your eggs in a basket. Instead, trying out different methods of backlinking (article marketing, Writing guest articles, forum posting, blog commenting, etc) is the way to go.

    Good Luck!
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    I am starting to hate squidoo now,,, my spun content do not seem to go through anymore. I am ow using hubpages and yeah amazon is also welcome in hubpages
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    It is getting harder and harder to publish a lens in Squidoo nowadays.
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    I personally think that Squidoo is a great marketing tool. I agree with the others here that have recommended registering your own domain and hosting your own content, and using Squidoo for backlinks.

    Lots of my Squidoo lenses are PR3 and PR4 and bring in considerable amounts of traffic to my sites. I've also managed to connect with some new writing clients who discovered me on Squidoo!
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    I have found a goldmine in squidoo? I've typed a keyword in squidoo search and it shows:
    Congratulations you are the first for this topic, why not build a lense?

    Is this a goldmine? But when in this topics or similiar not groups in squidoo,then there not many people are interested?

    For SB backlinks, must I submit other content, or the same content who is on my squidoo lense to social bookmark so like article marketing?

    When not the same content, ha, to 20-30 SB so many Guru's said, I must have 20-30 articles, so 1 article for each SB and this every week, plus another content for squidoo,plus another content for article directories and syndicate, plus another content for my own website?????

    On Hell, where I become so much content?

    best wishes
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