Quizz and survey software ??????

by Peter Thompson 6 replies
Hi Everyone,

I am wanting to create a website that includes small web polls and quizzes embedded on the pages. Does anyone know of any free or cheap software that can create this for me.
Simple multiple choice polls that visitors can answer and then see the results .

Thanks in Advance

Peter Thompson ( Australia )
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    Hi Peter,

    A Warrior friend, Edward Turner, have prodcued exactly what we IMers need...i.e.
    A Quiz makes with opt-in list building in the back-end...

    Just the concept shared by Eben Pagan, very powerful concept of building list
    and qualifing the visitors at your website....

    You may read about this script here
    Opt-in Quiz Generator - Home

    may this help,
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      @Mohsin :: Thanks for the props on Opt-in Quiz Generator!


      Become my business partner on my next 6-figure software product. I'll mentor you in every aspect of the software development and marketing business, and split the profits 50/50.
      Serious inquiries only: http://www.edward-turner.com

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        Just wanted to get this post in front of warriors again. What I am looking for is the ability to create quick web polls with radio buttos for visitors to make there vote. I then want the percentage results to be displayed for them to see. I am sure you warriors have visited plenty of sites with these kinds of features. I hope someone can help me with how to do this . I want them embedded within my pages and not opened as a seperate window that is with an external company. Hope this makes sense.

        Thanks in Advance

        Peter Thompson ( Australia )
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          Just wanted to give this post one last kick. Any warriors who know how to set up quizz or polls on a web page embedded into the page and not as an external page or link hosted elsewhere.

          Thanks in Advance

          Peter Thompson
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    I made an AJAX poll for somebody, I still have the code around. How comfortable are you with HTML? I know I didn't write it so you could just enter some questions and have it pop out the code...

    I'm tired of my signature... Deleted.

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    Hi Peter,

    I know I've used Survey lite. It's not free, but you can get it for $39 per domain. It is well worth the price, and if you want to make more complex surveys in the future, it might be worth your while to check it out.

    It does a great job for any type of survey you want to use ... polls, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, etc ...

    It also displays the stats and answers in a nice readable way in the cpanel.

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