Minisite Designer - Any Recommendations Please?

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Alright Warriors

I am getting ready to launch my first mini course online to the pubic and I need a little bit of recommendation please in regards to the graphics side. I can do all of the rest, I can create the e-book, video, short report, articles, sales page and so on but what I don't have is an eye for what graphical images will work best.

I know that there is a lot of people on here under the warriors for hire section that can do minisites, but I would like to get some recommendation just becuase there is so many..

Firstly I must stress (This is very important) that because I am looking to sell the mini course with PLR rights I must get the PSD files of the grapgics.

I would like to know the following please

1) Who have you used? What company or person?
2) What did you get done?
3) How much did it cost?
4) Can you show us the work that did for you?
5) Did it come with the source file?

Cheers for your time
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