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Hey guys,

I'm wondering, has anyone of you already bought a website from Flippa? I'm thinking to invest in it, b/c I have a few thousand bucks and it would pay off after a few months...

However, as I browsed through the websites that get sold, I saw that many of them get sold for a price thats less than its monthly revenue... how the hell? Who would sell a website for less than the money they get from it in one month anyways? It just makes no sense to me...

what do you think?

best regards,
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    ".. how the hell?"
    Because they're lowlife scam artists!
    I've seen sites selling for $2000 plus that aren't worth $10! Seller usually offering a crap cookie cutter website selling services like link building or seo etc. DO NOT believe the Fake paypal and google analytics screen grabs either!
    Nobody gives money away and nobody would ever sell a profitable website for less than 10x its monthly net value!
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      Thank you londoncoffee for your response!

      I was thinking the same... I also expected it... but many websites sell for less than their actual income revenue, which would be so stupid.

      Is there any way to be sure that a website makes money? Or should I quit the thought about buying a website?

      Need objective IM reviews & comparison? Go to (Still in construction)

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        You're welcome!
        I'd like to encourage you to learn and invest, but its a mine field. Some real scum bags on there - clever too. They got all the analytics and jargon stuff well mastered. They actually make a good living off beginners too! Seriously! Flippa doesn't have any real vetting process, so its like playing roulette.
        I have to compare it to a Casino: plenty of losers and very few winners!
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    Hi Michael,

    I haven't looked over there in a while but the websites that sell for less than monthly revenue may be ones where there is a good amount of work required to make that revenue.

    Or, it could be that the seller is saying "potential" revenue when it really doesn't actually make that much money (I have seen that over there a couple of times)

    I don't think anyone in their right mind would sell a website for less than it's monthly earnings if those earnings were easy to come by so look at the listing carefully as there must be some catch.

    Usually, you can expect to pay anywhere from 5x to 18x monthly earnings for a site depending on many factors (age, how much work required, advertising costs etc…)

    Gone Fishing
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    Don't try buying from guys that have no itraders, look into their profile before bidding, see from where did they logged in last time and from what country they are.
    Try to be very careful, the adsense payment checks and screenshots can be very easy faked.
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    Flippa has all types of sellers and buyers so be careful when making a deal there.
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    Thanks for the Flippa comments .like everything else we have to be very careful with our investments
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    I have purchased a site or two from Flippa. A lot of the sites are aimed at people who want cookie cutter sites that are mostly duplicates from what have sold before. They buy a new domain and build another site. Most of them have very little traffic and zero revenue and they sell for a few hundred dollars. Sometimes you get spun content or duplicate content.

    Just do your homework and look around for reputable sellers if that's an option you want to pursue.
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      More and more, it seems to be kind of a buyer's market over on Flippa. I see sites that are making 5 figures a month selling for 4 figures all the time now. I guess the sellers either started the auction with no reserve (I would never do an auction with no reserve, especially for something that was really valuable) because that's what they were told by some Flippa course to do, or they just really need a lump sum of cash right now and are tired of waiting to get paid from their sites each month.

      There are still worthwhile deals happening on there, but they seem to be the rare cases now, just from looking at the "just sold" section.
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        I would not say flippa is a buyers market. You have to be really careful even with sites from highly rated sellers.

        I agree with the comment above , so one is going to sell a website . businness which is prifitable.
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    I just did a guest post on Flippa on due diligence. It's important to kick the tires before bidding and make sure the claims being made are true.
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  • Personally I believe that most people that are selling websites online are frauds.

    You really need to dig deep and Suzanne said, you really need to do your due diligence.

    I have a few adsense sites you are willing to look at that make $80/month with no work.
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      I personally bought a site which was accurately advertised in terms of traffic and so forth, obviously some sellers exaggerate the "potential revenues" and some are truly scams as mentioned.

      I also find some good deals on lower priced sites, you can get a working site for almost the same as you would have payed to outsource it.
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        Totally agree with what's been said.

        Enter Flippa with extreme caution.
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          I'm in the process of buying a site myself, not using flippa... just searched around google and found a site, made an offer, and we've agreed a price.

          I've never done this before, and don't think he has either, he asked me what's next.

          I want to use escrow.

          Told him that it's prob best to use a fiverr gig to transfer the site, it's wordpress.

          The fiverr guy will need both our ftp and cpanel login details... I'm not sure how he feels about this, mailed him but haven't heard back.

          Should I offer to let him order the fiverr gig... and give him my cpanel and ftp details... I mean, is there any other way?
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