How do I get and use an Interactive US Map?

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I have seen interactive US maps on several websites, specifically those dealing with schools, universities, loans, various jobs, etc, usually on MFA websites. An example is on the website - i have also enclosed a screen capture of the map.

I cannot find where can I get the code or Wordpress plugin for such a map? Also, does anyone know what code it would be written in - like PHP or AJAX?

If anyone has any ideas where to get the source code (free or paid), thanks a lot for letting me know....
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    Hi -

    I just looked at the source code on that page... The US Map you see is just a flash rendering of the USA map. The designer created hover areas for each state and linked each to a specific page.

    This is not likely a plugin (I could be mistaken).

    So... The one you reference is made in Flash. You can get any flash developer to make you something like this...I would estimate between $50 and $500 depending on who you hire and what the functionality is. You can probably find someone in India or Philippines to do a flash map, with each state a link, for pretty cheap.

    Also - there are probably a dozen ways to skin this cat, so maybe others will reply with a different (better?) way to do it, other than in flash.
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    Thanks Bredfan, i found some resources on the web as well, seems it does need to be done in Flash. Can also be purchased for under $70, so that might be the best option for me.
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    If you want a free solution, try MapPress Easy Google Maps (the lite version). MapPress | Chris Richardson's Plugins
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      Originally Posted by JOSourcing View Post

      If you want a free solution, try MapPress Easy Google Maps (the lite version). MapPress | Chris Richardson's Plugins
      This looks amazing. Great for local clients.

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    Hi. I was looking for the same thing for my wordpress blog today. Here is a link to a great html script which will automatically create the map you need.
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      Hello Maxim (&others)

      I know this is an old post, but I though I should leave some info here anyway.

      I developed a plugin for wordpress that uses the google geochart api to generate interactive clickable US maps and even world maps and other countries.

      Check the US demo page here: Maps of USA for Wordpress | Interactive World Maps Plugin

      There's also a non-wordpress version, that enables you to generate the map and get the javascript embed code, very easy to use.

      It might be useful to some of you guys looking for a tool like this.

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