40 subscribers in a with 1 forum treath

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hey guys i write this post to tell you a little trick i found to forum marketing now i did 1 treath

and it gave me 40 subs wwithout doing anything else

the trick was creating a targeted post to for my offer i offerd a free ebook on 20 ways to make money and my title is making 100 dollars online is easy about 75 percent of the visitors was interested in a easy way to make online money 25 percent was just killing time now the first 100 visitors i got barly 2 subs but the other 100 gave 40 subsribers so igot something bellow 30 percent click trough rate on that treathand i believe close to a 100 percent convertion rate on my squeeze page

this is how powerfull targetted traffic can be

acouple of tricks to boost forum marketing
1 make your signiature link stand out (ps: a banner is good tool for this)

2 go start a post in the catogorie of your product if its if you post a lot in a posts on how to generate traffic dont go take a product about ways to make money this will lower clicktrough rate tremedesly

3 its a numbers game i got extreme ly lucky with those 40 subscribers i mean it could be just as well on ly be 4 but still if you post 5 posts a day that could bring you 10 subscribers doing almost nothing
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    Even though it was a little difficult understanding some words in your post, you've managed to demonstrate how forum marketing can easily get one started with listbuilding. I never fail to point this out to my subscribers

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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    And you did all that while you were drunk! Fantastic :p
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    Yep, Forum Marketing does really work.

    ATTENTION: Do you wanna make up to 100$ a DAY with 20 minutes of super-easy work?

    It's never been easier. Send me a Private Message for details.
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    Well done Chall!

    Forum marketing is one of my top favorite marketing tactics. You get to build relationships with your audience before they even opt-in to your list. Such a great method.
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