How many times do you send email to you list?

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3 days ago I started with my first list building in the "make money online" niche. I am wondering how many times should I send offer to my list. Can I send everyday an offer? or should I send free product/info everyday and 2 times a week affiliate products?

Also in this 3 days I already got 95 confirmed subscribers. Is that fast? How fast do you build your list normally?
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    Many of the email lists which I am a part of, for various niches, will communicate with the list as to when and how often they should expect an email.

    For example, I just signed up, now I received an email getting whatever the sales page said, a free report yadda yadda...then I am also told either in that email, or a separate or immediate followup email that I will be hearing from them soon with xyz more course material in x amount of timeframe or days...

    I find that to be an effective method, because it softly lets people know when and how you will be giving them information, right off the bat...instead of bombarding them with email after email.

    The method above is used by David D's list, in the beginning, then he mails daily...

    It is used by other marketers that I have seen, for a few emails in the first few days, then a more paced emailing subsequently following, like one a week or every 3 days

    That is up to you...though., answer your question, you should be able to give good information in each email....and if you cannot provide that quality daily, without sounding like you are trying to force a buy, then slow the emails down to every 3 days, once a week...or even longer periods if the emails will be containing reports or more extensive attachments. (to allow yourself the time to create them)

    You really just have to let your list know what they are signing up for, if that's free reports, emails discussing topics....or whatever.... so that when they sign up, they don't opt out for being bombarded or feeling like it's nothing like what they wanted.

    Again, it also depends on what you are capable of, what you can offer, and how often, and the types of emails you will be sending...if it's just text, linking to video tutorials, answering questions, or report attachments...

    *On another note, I find the marketing niche to be heavily bombarded, email wise, in terms of lists. Any of them which I have signed up to have at least a daily email, some send the same email twice....daily...

    Some send 3 emails a day.

    But if you are trying to show people what to do, bombarding them with too much information at once can be a turn off too.... but then again that also depends on your selling angle.

    Keep it so that people can keep up with your emails and so that they want more...when they want more, you can always increase it.

    Sign up to some, yourself, in this very niche, and see how you feel about the methods other people are using, and how you feel about their frequency. The more annoyed and unsold you feel, the more you can get an idea of what you feel your own list would appreciate versus dislike.

    Also, one last thing *test, test, test*. If you really want to know, you have to test out a few different methods.... to see your feedback, and conversion rates, and activity.

    Lists are not robots. They are humans, and they have responses, so use different tests to gauge their responses to your email marketing strategies.
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    I have a 3-day follow up and then it's just brodacasts every other day. I probably only promote something once a week, sometimes it's even a fortnight.

    Just test lots of different things, try whatever you want. If it work then stick to it. If it ain't broke, don't try fix it.
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    Thanks for the info guys,very helpful
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    Emailing them two times a day can be annoying, especially if you don't show value, they can even opt out very easily.

    I think a "normal" period is emailing them every 2 days, but, again, that depends on many factors. If you give value, emailing them each day wouldn't harm anything.

    Simply, test yourself everything, it's much better.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the information. I agree that the mails should have value.

    What do you think of emails containing information with value and in the end I add a small offer related to the information? So let's say I give tips to increase adsense earning and I promote in the end of email an adsense product?
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    On one of my lists, I email them every time there's a new post on my site... which is every day.

    I used to do a weekly round-up, one email containing 7 links to each post made that week... but daily is working better.
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    Offer them great value and freebies and you can get away with emailing 5-6 times a week

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    I found that (like many others Im sure) that you will be subscribed to plenty of lists. That means plenty of info, by plenty of people, some good, some crap.
    I found that one of my favourite ones, I only got an email every week, and when you are focusing on making money online I think a week is AGES in relative terms.

    I am trialing sending emails with offers every 3 days vs every 1 week, to see what results I get.

    I guess it depends on how quickly you want to burn through offers too.

    If you have 52 offers, you could burn through them in 52 days, or 52 weeks, it just depends on the response of your list.

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    It depends on many variables. I know many who say to "Train Your List" and others who say the complete opposite. I say do what works for you.
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    You need to build up a relationship with your list so I would not send them offers too much, give them a lot of free stuff at the beginning and then say once a week send them an offer.
    I would email every couple of days and get that relationship going!
    Good luck

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    Begin with creating a good relationship with your list. Give them free and good advice in the beginning and eventually send them offer every so often. So every 2 days would seem like a good idea.
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