My WP Admin Sign-In is indexed, how to remove?

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So, I just started a new site, and of course submitted it to the search engines to get indexed.

It is now indexed in Google, which is great, but it got indexed before I install All-in-One-SEO and my Robots.txt plugin.

So, my /wp-admin page is indexed and shows up in the results right under my main site when I search for "sitename" in google.

How can I get google to remove this index of my admin sign in, or at least stop showing it. It just seems like a major security risk.

Thanks for any help

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    I just did a google search for "change wp admin login page" and found this
    Michi Knows - Who Else Wants to Hide Their Wordpress Folder?

    looks like just what you need.

    post your results


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    Hey media, thanks a lot for the reply

    I started to do that, but reading on I am not sure if I want to go that far with it, simply because it looks like it could really mess with my WP install in some ways I don't want.

    Thanks tho, somebody else want to try this and let us know the results?
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    Btw guys, turns out if you try this (which I did, after saying I wouldn't) it is a pain to switch it back, and actually I have no idea how I am going to.

    Any tips for THAT would also be even more helpful at this point.
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    Just for an update, my wordpress installation is now totally and completely f*%&#$.

    I changed the htaccess file to try this workaround, but it didnt work or something and now everything I try doesn't work.

    My domain/wp-admin is now a 404

    and my domain/new-hidden-wpadmin brings up my login page, but when I login nothing happens.

    I have tried to to recreate my htaccess file in my filemanager but changing it has no affect what so ever.


    i can believe i did something so stupid.


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    You won't be able to remove the Google listing instantly but do this.. once you get your blog working again install the Platinum SEO Plugin. -It's better than the All-in-One plugin (read the plugin home page to find out why).

    In this plugin you will find an option to no-index your admin page. Check that box click save and wait. In a few days/weeks Google will crawl you site again and find the no-index tag on you admin page and they'll eventually drop that page from their listings.

    It's no biggie!

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    You can remove pages of your site from Google's index using robots.txt, see google's explanation:

    Removing my own content from Google's index - Webmasters/Site owners Help
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    just create a robots.txt in the root folder of your domain with the following content:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /wp-admin/


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    The plugin will do the same thing as manually creating a robots.txt

    Thanks for that link netstrife, I found out you can request an urgent removal from Google...

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    just add a directive to your robots.txt file like this:

    Disallow: file-or-folder-name

    add it with the full path starting with /foldername or /filename
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    Cool, thanks for all the responses guys!

    Thanks goodness I managed to fix my htaccess file,

    and I also fixed my robots.txt file to hide my admin page

    All the Best,

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