‎3 Plugins To Force Traffic To Your Wordpress Blog

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Guys, I'm sure this will help those of you with wordpress blog
I have 3 plugins I want to recommend for your blog. You are
going to see how these plugins will force traffic to your blog.

1)Subscribe to Comments

This plugin allows anyone who comments on your site the ability to sign-up to receive notification in the event there are future comments.
This is a great plugin for recurring traffic. Commentators will return to your blog to continue the conversation.

This is a simple, but powerful plugin that sends a special email when someone responds to a comment.
This entices the original commentator to return and re-engage in your site.
You might be asking what the difference between this plugin and "Subscribe to Comments" is.
Subscribe to Comments will send notifications about ALL comments and ReplyMe is only replies.

3) CommentLuv

It automatically adds a link from a commentor's last blog post to the end of their comment encouraging blog visitors to share their thoughts.

NB: some bloggers spend hours a day searching for commentluv enabled blogs just to place comments.

NB: If you are hosting on a shared server (with limited number of mails sent per hour) you have to be careful with ReplyMe and Subscribe to Comments plugins. These can trigger hundreds of mails from your domain leading you to violating terms of your host
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