How you can double (or more) your site's income...

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I'll tell you how I did it.

One of my small secondary niche sites finally reached one sale per day,
average. Over a month, right at 30 visitors would buy the product I

When I realized this, I decided it was time to add an opt-in to this site. I
was in the middle of working on a much larger product for my main site, so
I wrote a quick report and put a simple opt-in in the sidebar.

It got on average 2 signups per day. Pretty pitiful, I know.

Knowing I needed to add some content to the list, since it was getting a
few people, I quickly wrote 7 emails, each telling a story related to their
problem and closing by telling how the product helped with that specific.

They were VERY casual. I don't even remember doing any editing other
than typos. I might have even missed some of them.

I think it took less than an afternoon to write the emails.

Not a ton of effort.

The result?

My sales are now averaging 2 per day.

Same traffic. Same opt-in. Nothing fancy.

I have as many people buying from this tiny, tiny list as from the site.
The total effort was less than a day.

Why haven't you added a list to your site?

Get busy.


P.S. I'm spending some time over this week and next to tweak the opt-
in to try to get it up to a reasonable percentage. More people on the
list = more sales.
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