Amazon Associates Sign-up - Banging Head Against Wall

by DBPro
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Have blog up, running and hosted.

Trying to get my Amazon ID sorted, but despite going through the process successfully I get a follow-up email saying:

Dear Associate
Greetings from the Amazon Associates Programme.
I regret to inform you that your application has been rejected from the February 27, 2012, as the URL (can't include url as post count is too low) included in your application is not complete.
When we accept new sites, each one is personally checked to ensure that it is suitable for the programme, as stated in the Operating Agreement.
As your URL is not complete and we are unable to view the content, we have had to reject it.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Please know that you are welcome to re-join our Associates Programme once your URL is available.
Now, I'm either missing something so completely obvious that Amazon do not feel it necessary to elaborate further, or their explanation is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike!

Anybody know what the possible problem is here?
I have emailed Amazon but don't expect an answer anytime soon.

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    BTW, my domain name does not violate the Amazon Operating agreement; it does not contain offensive material; and is not promoting anything.
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      You have to have a real site up with content they can check its really does not have to be elaborate even a free blogger account passes.

      I have never heard of anyone being refused unless they cannot access the site which looks like this is the case.

      I will Pm you and take a look for you and advise

      kickin it on Amazon

      Gaz Cooper
      Amz Training Academy
      Beginners get Started with AMAZON, we will give you a FREE custom made Amazon Site when you purchase hosting through us contact us at

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    Looks like they couldn't access your URL. So either you didn't have content up or you didn't give them a correct URL.
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    Just rebuild your website and resubmit
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    Thanks Gaz, much appreciated. Unfortunately I can't send PMs until my post count is +50. (Consistancy is definitely my word du jour!)

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      I see exactly why Amazon are complaining - how can you expect them to accept a web page where the opening statement actually says "Launching Soon", and just a few lines further down, all the placeholder "Lorem ipsum" text is still there to be seen...?

      There is no content..:rolleyes:
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    You website must be up. It cannot say "under construction" There must be something for them to look at.
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    Lorem ipsum is not so hot for conversions either XD

    No signature here today!

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    Submit a different website of yours that has content and get it approved. After that you can freely add websites, but you should look into why it was denied in the first place.
    Signature - The Evolution of Display Ads
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    Nothing like learning from your mistakes

    Thought I was being efficient by trying to sort it before properly launching. At least I know what the problem is now.

    On a side note - In the reply from Amazon, which confirms what you guys have said, in the signature part it say's

    Your feedback is helping us build Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company.
    If they're paying people to come up with crap like that I'm in the wrong job, cos I can write crap all day long

    Thanks for your help all.
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    Good luck with your site, but it really does need to be up and running, if you've got another site or blog that is established, just use that to get your account, you can then add your new one once you got your Amazon account.

    Hope this helps


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    When I originally opened my Amazon account over 2 years ago it was with a free Blogger setup with maybe 1k words total and a few images. It's maybe one way to get your application started while you're finishing the rest of your site.
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