how to end a website or product? to end product/website life cycle...

by BJ Min
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anyone have experience ending a website or product the right way so that customers can understand.

if you have multiple sites, niches, you can find yourself multitasking all types of niches instead of focusing strong on one...thus, i was thinking of ending some sites myself (instead of selling it)...yet want to make sure my list understands it in a cordial way...any ideas on how to do that...

would like to hear any comments and it'd be a plus from someone who has experience doing this.

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    I've had to do that. Just state what's happening. Be crystal clear via email and on your site. Simply say you've run yourself too thin, and you're closing down shop for specific ventures - if you're seeing this message, it means this venture has been shut down - that sort of thing.
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    Having recently been on the other side (the user of a service/website that closed shop), I would simply advise you to follow through on exactly what you tell them. In the situation I just experienced the owner promised that the content/forum would be up until a certain date, so it left a bad taste when he pulled the plug ahead of time with no warning.
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