Warrior Banner-At $100 Per Day, Is it worth it?

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Hello Warriors,
According to the post title. Does the warrior forum banner work at $100 for 24hrs.

Is it worth it?

Can you please share your experience? Traffic stat if possible...

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    You wouldn't see the same ads everyday if it wasn't working
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      Originally Posted by Mike Hlatky View Post

      You wouldn't see the same ads everyday if it wasn't working
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    • Originally Posted by Mike Hlatky View Post

      You wouldn't see the same ads everyday if it wasn't working
      Exactly! There is a particular WSO that I see a banner for every day, but the guy is charging $500 and is killing it.
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    A lot of people have asked this. I've never really seen a complete answer, but most people imply that it works pretty well. I've never personally done it, but I've thought about it.
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    Depends on what you have to sell. I doubt for example that denture cream would sell very well in those ads. OTOH, if you have a killer Wordpress plugin which people would really love and which is reasonably priced, then it probably would do quite well.

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    As much as I know, so many people keep saying it works without them having an experience of it...

    Personally I believe if it wasn't working, the people running those ads would have stopped running them but...who out there could give me something substantial to think about?

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    I'm pretty ad-blind. That said, as a forum user, I do notice them and I do click on one every now and again if it advertises something that's related to my business.
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    I rarely ever notice the ads, but if they didn't work we would have heard something by now.
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      They are certainly out there and in front of you. I notice them all of the time, which is obviously the idea of siting them where they are positioned. I have to confess though that I don't think that I've ever clicked on one.

      I'm sure that they do work, if properly designed, otherwise Warriors would not buy them. Let's be honest too, if you are paying that amount for a short time frame, you sure as heck are going to be tracking and checking how financially effective they are for your product or service at its particular price point.

      Just my thoughts,

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    Really depende on you. But for me, its not worth it.
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    • It must be for some guys since they appear to be advertising big time. It will depend on what your product costs and how many sales you will need to make to get profitable.
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    Banner ads, what banner ads? ;-)
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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    Good thread, a lot depends upon many different factors, the day of the month, the effectiveness of the banner, (graphically appealing, does it invite action)

    Is your product a product that would be appealing to a majority of warriors>?

    Do you have the capacity to present the offer serve up the product, and most importantly if your using paypal have you called them to let them know that your account may see an increase in transactions...

    Just a few things to consider, I think though that if you have not run a WSO before that would be the first place to start before moving into a larger advertisement.
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    Warrior Forum has ads?

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    I've click on two or three since they have been running. I probably "see" what is being advertised in the box about 5% of the time. I have never purchased anything as a result of this form of advertising. As has been mentioned, it must be working for some. I think it depends on what you are selling, what day you post the ad, etc..
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    I'm seriously considering investing some cash to see how it goes. This is a very interactive forum. I agree with other posters. These ads must be working.
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    I see many ads which are getting repeated every now and then and if $100 is the charges then the person who is advertising will not get this repeated, if it is not working. So to answer to your question whether it works, it is a big 'YES IT WORKS'.

    People who should respond to this are those who have advertised. But I think none of the people who have responded have released ad and experienced. They are making statements by their gut feel including me. I haven't advertised as yet.
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    I worked in outdoor advertising in my last job and I can tell you, it's all about the creative. Size, colour, legibility and message can make or break the ad.

    For eg. there was an ad yesterday which did it very well. It was a bold message with 3 words to the effect of 'YOUR WSO TODAY' in bold blue writing.

    I couldn't stop looking at it everytime I went to the forum menu and even clicked it.

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    I am looking forward to hearing from people who really had at one time or the other run ads on the forum.

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  • Profile picture of the author pacesetter007
    I am looking forward to hearing from people who really had at one time or the other run ads on the forum.

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    Originally Posted by pacesetter007 View Post

    Does the warrior forum banner work at $100 for 24hrs.
    Like everything in this game you have to test. I've found a much better alternative in Kim Roach's plan of using solo ads. http://www.buzzblogger.com/

    Also, the WF is browsed by IM'ers so if you have a model train ebook or koi fish ebook, it won't work unless you are selling PLR to the ebook.
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    I'm new here at warrior but I would like to know how many unique view does a warrior ad get everyday?

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      Originally Posted by iennod View Post

      I'm new here at warrior but I would like to know how many unique view does a warrior ad get everyday?
      Yes they work about 200 views a day, We've closed the offer we had and restructuring with a new wso. some days are 0 sales some days are a 1k
      basically you have to offer a good deal. and yes you need pay pal.
      It's s close game figuring in costs and nets. you better have a good product
      and have great customer service. you dont they'll chew you up and spit you out with bad reviews, So rule is dont go in blind have a great plan before u embark with banners, 3k a month can eat u up, Id stay away with promises of making X amount of dollars with your product a month, your asking for trouble .
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    It depends on quality of your banner,
    your offer and the reviews on your sales page.

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    Just look on ads that rotating there more than one day.. And then you will see what converts and what Dont.. Just my 2 cents.
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    Hi Tim,

    I've tested out a few banners on different websites and the one thing that I've come to realize is (no matter what anybody else's results were), we've gotta always TEST, test, and then test our results again.

    Every person's results are different. It all depends on if your banner is catchy, unique, and then if you have a good quality product or service to offer on the page it leads to.

    Here's a quick tip:

    If you're just starting out, then test out a few headline names on Adwords first. See which one gets more clicks. Then the one that does well there, will usually do well in your banner ad. And you don't have to spend a lot to find that out.


    "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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    It'll be still be great to see someone that has run one pop in and make the records straight.

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  • Profile picture of the author The Copy Warriors
    I think you'd have to be strategic about it. Like, run an ad for one day, see how many you sell in the week after that, if you make more than $1000 or so, run an ad for 2 days, etc.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jon Penberthy
    From what I've heard from other marketers it's well worth the investment. They are repeatedly asking the WF to re-place their ads which implies they are doing well .
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    I am considering doing it, but would love to see some stats about it, or hear from someone who has done it, before I make my final decision.

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    Put it this way:

    A few years ago, when I sold my first WSO, I earned £800 (GBP) within hours. It got to the point where I was deliberately talking to customers within the thread to ofcource help them with any queries and reply to any comments but also to keep my thread on the home page of the Warrior Forum (in the "most recently commented box to the right hand side of the WSO section link) - DOING THIS ALONE BROUGHT ME MORE TRAFFIC AND MORE SALES!

    Therefor: Having a banner advert on the front page (a service which wasn't available back then) I am CERTAIN will help massively!

    Please note: don't sting me for admitting I used to have a different account on here - I quit online business for a while to pursue some offline ventures and forgot all of my account details - I retired from online business - only now I am back and profiting online, but I have no need to sell WSO's: I eat quite properly, I am simply back on the forum to help others and I charge nothing for my advice: my reward is with the Creator.
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    Depends on your product I guess? The forum gets lots of traffic so will be shown a lot over 24 hours.

    If your banner is good and eye catching (make sure to stay within the ad rules) then you will get good click through rates. Then it depends on your product, again of it sells well then great. Best to start a WSO and see how it converts to help work this out.

    So as long as you have a good banner and a good converting product then it can. E well worth it, otherwise maybe not, think you need to do some calculations to see how it will work for you.
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    I think that if you are selling a 99 cent e-book the answer is no. This might work for products that are very expensive. Of those, you do not have to sell many. Also, for a company that has a lot of money. Like they can afford to make mistakes in marketing of their services. At a 1% click thru and an approx 5% buy in, it is hard to make the case.
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    Does this forum or any other place produce?

    Buy one and see... If you can't afford to lose 100.00 then you should not even be asking.

    Here is a test I placed a WSO, Digi results and JVzoo all with the same product.
    (a Product that has proven to sell from my website)

    Upload and forget, all the same product
    wso on it's own just people browsing made 4 sales (lost money with fees)
    Digi results on it's own 0 sales ( free so no lost money)
    JVZoo on it's own 1 sale ( JVzoo collected under a dollar)

    I can say so far just these alone don't produce.

    I read that someone has a WSO 40.00 and they buy a $100 banner ad... You know who is making the money here right and it's not the one who buys the ads.

    So buy the ad and let us know what you find out. Seems no one else is saying anything.


    By the way I don't click the ads or really pay attention to them.

    5 Minute Mobile Sites... My Next WSO Comming Soon.

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  • Profile picture of the author DotComBum
    I think it's not the question of worth it or not, it is the question of whether you can afford it, there is no guarantee that you'll make more money if you purchase that $100 banner advertising for a day, just buy it if you can throw away that $100, forget it if you don't want to waste your $100, hope that helps
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  • Profile picture of the author NetworkCorridor
    One question that may apply is does anyone here notice and have clicked on the ads. Personally I have no idea how goggle is so darn rich off such stupid useless ads but they are.

    As for me I hate ads especially when one interrupts a good movie. I spend a lot of money on cable it is terrible I have to watch the ads.

    I have no idea how they work I do everything I can to avoid them but there must be a lot of people interested in ads because the ads never stop.

    Network Corridor

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    If it clears more than 100 dollars a day then it is worth it... So how to do this ?? Test your creative use the AIDA formula Attention Interest Desire Action if your banner has that along with the right size blue text and font you should be good . Maybe keep a close eye on the banners you see repeatedly and model them... They are only up for long because they are working..
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    Of course they do. If it doesn't then no one will get the ad space. Its quite expensive for my liking but who knows, maybe they get better returns from this $100 investment. Big banners like this always catches my attention.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mike Hill
    It greatly depends on your offer and the day of the week you decide to run it. I ran one and it did pretty good but the product was under $10. I see a lot of the same people running an ad day after day and those are mostly services that charge $27 - $97.

    I have also seen others run one to give their WSO a running start. As soon as they post their WSO they purchase a one day banner ad as well.
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