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Okay, so for one of the companies that I have been running the social marketing for, they told me that genuine Facebook likes are very important to them.

They gave me an insanely small budget for the month, but here are a few of the stats as of this point.

campaign duration: 72 hours

number of likes added: 55 likes

Money spent: $22.05

I am ignoring click through rate because quite frankly this is CPC and they are not in a rush.

number of clicks: 92

Okay so that is something like a 60% click through to "like" ratio. I cannot help feel that this is pretty good.

So, at this point, I have satisfied the company in that they are getting the Facebook likes they want (even though it is at a slow pace).

In the past, I have had success with conversion statistics at the "post-like" phase of my advertising.

My question is: What are some of your experiences regarding converting the Facebook "like" into a successful conversion (whatever that conversion may be). Any tips and best practices are always welcome. Thanks guys!
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    I find that FB people tend to want more freebies than other forms of advertising, so you want to offer something which has value if you want to get more click throughs.

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    For the best conversions, it's best to offer something free while doing PPC. Have a capture page on your fan page and have a clear call to action and make it clear to what the people are going to receive. Then build the list and conversions will come. Fb is not really a place to buy. People come there to socialize and network. It's a place for relationships to develop. So best thing to do is not sell and instead give something free like an ebook, video or audio.
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    Ultimately you want an opt-in form to collect your leads email addresses in exchange for a free report, download, or coupon of sorts. Having them as a fan is only beneficial if you are also hitting them on other touch points as well.
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    As most said already,

    Offer something of value for free. Facebook people love free stuff! Put your auto responder in and make them put there email in. Always be capturing leads! Is this for local companies or nation wide ones? IF local offer a coupon and make them share the page, could go far with viral local traffic.

    Even for a nationwide kind of company offering a coupon code or something for a like would do wonders for your numbers. Share the page and watch the viral effect happen in real time. PM me if you need any facebook help as I am here to help fellow Warriors!
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