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I aspire to become a full fledge YouTube partner. I am already in the Individual Video Monetization Partner on several channels. Since I have been coming to WF full-time, I realized that I really need to focus. So I have found a passion and want to build out that channel to become a full fledge partner. So here's the question. Where do you drive the traffic?

1. Youtube - obviously, I want to videos to be watched but YouTube can distract visitors with other things
2. Facebook - Right now I have the page, but not much interaction going
3. blog - I have this up and running to but not much interaction.
4. Build a List - I have already shared about my dying list although it's in a different topic.

So, if the end goal is to get the videos watch, where would you drive the traffic too. The second question is would you think a solo ad would work here, where there really isnt a product, just free videos.

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    Originally Posted by accendo View Post

    So, if the end goal is to get the videos watch, where would you drive the traffic too.
    Seems like you got a good start for traffic sources. Are you using keywords people are searching for? Or is this just an entertainment type thing? Either way I'd also add video embed sites to your traffic checklist.

    A couple video embed sites include TagWorld, Vidipedia, VladTV, & Post Your YouTube Video Here. There's a bunch more, you can find them by Googling "embed your youtube video", "your youtube url", "paste your video" can probably think of some others.

    These won't get you tons of traffic but it will get you some more exposure + it has good SEO benefits.

    Originally Posted by accendo View Post

    The second question is would you think a solo ad would work here, where there really isnt a product, just free videos.
    A solo ad just to become a YouTube partner? Probably not worth it and not necessary. I wouldn't do it but that's just me.

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-

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    cheers, thanks Dan, good info.

    PS: accendo ... how is your YouTube quest coming along?

    My Website Bored Badger

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    Hey - great goal! So - if I understand right, you aren't selling just want to become a YouTube partner and have a totally awesome Channel, right? Love it! I went to VidCon recently and was able to meet some major YouTube partners (devinsupertramp, jenna marbles, lindsey sterling, olga kay...and then my friends the orabrush team were all there).

    In order to get views there are all kinds of things you can do! It would be helpful to know what your target audience is and what kind of videos you are producing?

    Either way, you'll want to start growing an audience by keywording your videos. That will help people find the type of video you are putting out...this is a whole video SEO thing.

    Second, blast your videos out to social bookmarking and article marketing sites (as well as the video embed thing...that is great to help you rank well in YouTube, too). I have been finding lately that Reddit (other than Facebook) drives the most traffic to my channel HANDS DOWN. If I were to just pick one (again, other than FB) it would definitely be Reddit.

    However, I still like to send to as many different sites as I can for backlinks. A few I use are: StumbleUpon, Squidoo, Digg, hi5, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ (and then Reddit and Facebook).

    Third, be sure to engage! If people post comments be sure to respond! Also, go out and comment, like, subscribe, and be active in the YouTube community. If you want to be a YouTube partner you should really show everyone that you are engaged and there to stay.

    Fourth, be consistent with your video releases. Get on a schedule so your audiences can know when to expect a video. Kind of like a TV program - you always tune in at a certain time because that is when you know it will be on, right? Same applies. Your followers will tune in because they'll be expecting your video. Plus YouTube picks up on your consistency and that helps you rank higher, too.

    I think it goes without saying that if your content is great it is just plain going to spread. You'll find your niche and what works for your audience if you keep playing with it.

    Good luck!!
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    Thanks for the cool ideas.. will get onto this when I get home
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      Here's a step by step video I used to crush Youtube SEO. It's very detailed and helped me a lot. Great advice so far. Wish you the best of luck!
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    Embed your videos onto Forums and Twitter.
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    Hey great advice since i just started and i'm realy enjoy the community around youtube
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