Meme Site Developed. Now What?

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I've SEO'd sites before but my newest creation (hollywoodtotshots DOT com) isn't like any site that would be found through organic search.

Typically I would target specific keywords and use typical SEO strategies to get those keywords to rank high in the SERPs. However, I don't think visitors will come to my new site via search engines. That being the case, it doesn't make sense to try to rank for site-related keywords. Does anyone have any idea for driving traffic if not through SEO?

At this point, I don't know what to do except to continue adding content until (hopefully) it garners some traction. As you can see, it's a simple site; not much to it. Visitors will likely bounce in and bounce right out again (the same site model as, for example,

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll just slowly add more content over time, hoping that traffic will slowly start to build.
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    I believe there's plenty of organic search possibilities, I would do keyword research on some of the top sites in the celib. field, I just noticed that which gets some 2 million a month? has blocked their Quantcast results.

    All the celebrity names, "Cute kids", etc. I would make an effort to give each photo a good sized paragraph of commentary, and not fail to mention a celeb name at every opportunity. All the usual backlink getting strageties should help gain some authority.

    Gallery sites can ave a tougher time ranking, take the time to use more descriptive file names, at least you use pirates.jpg rather than cryptic numbers like some, but if you named it: Pirates of the Caribbean parody.jpg and used alt text you may get more image search matches.
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      webapex: Thanks a lot! You offered some pretty savvy ideas which I will definitely implement for my content. Terrific advice!

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