Triple Your Writing Speed Overnight (Win7)

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Not too long ago was looking for a way to increase the speed of my writing. Even though I'm a pretty fast typist, I find that I spend a ton of time writing articles. Not only that, I'm starting to feel the effects of repetitive stress in my left hand.

I had my eyes set up on some pretty expensive dictation software. Not mentioning the brand, it's definitely the most popular dictation software that's out there. The problem is I didn't want to fork out the cash to buy the application, not because I didn't think it be a good investment, but because reviews were mixed.

This is probably the only time I'd ever waited over a week to think about whether wanted to buy something or not. However, I'm definitely glad I waited.

I'm not sure why it's not that well known, but for Windows 7 users there is a fabulous speech recognition application that comes free with the operating system.

Just like with most dictation software, you have to train it. But, even on the first time using it I would say that it hit about 90% of the words that I spoke. In fact, this entire post is made using it.

Seriously, if you are looking to speed things up, it takes a little getting used to, but after a while it really helps.

The application itself is found in the control panel under Ease of Access.

Anyway, just wanted to give back to the community.

Edit: Here's the link to how to set it up:
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