Finally! It works and I can start generating revenue!!

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Two months ago, I browsed around warriorforum to learn more about methods to make money. After a lot of searching, it seems like there are three ways to do it:

1. Adsense (not very profitable anymore)
2. Affiliates (great!)
3. Build a software that helps generate revenue

So this is what I did.

Adsense - made $1.20! Still going, but takes a lot of time.
Affiliates - website was too new and did not get approved...

Software - found a niche software to built!

One thing that I noticed was that email list was very very important. When creating a new sale, it is very helpful to have an email list to send out a few sales letter, test it, change your sales letter and send it out again.

Depending on your list and how targeted they are, your conversion rate varies. The challenge: GETTING THE EMAIL LIST!

SO, I CREATED A PROGRAM TO GET EMAILS FOR A SPECIFIC KEYWORD for one site: CRAIGSLIST! That website has a ton of emails to obtain but is very hard to get.

My competitors were PowerLeadsPro, which charge more than $300 for a basic package....that is really expensive...

What we created is this: Craigslist Program
Check it out and let me know what you think, thank you so much! Warrior Forum is my inspiration
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    The problem with Craigslist emails is not so much in collecting them but emailing them. If you collect emails and do a mass mailing craigslist simply blocks you. If you collect straight original emails then you run in to deliverability issues with your host. Unless of course your using and smtp delivery service which are quite expensive.

    If you create a solution to that problem many and I mean many will be interested.
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      If this is an e-mail scraper, then it's primary function is to get e-mails to SPAM to. Correct? That's the only way those can be used, pretty much.
      These are not e-mails of people who have opted in to your list or anything, so you don't have permission to e-mail them.

      And the moderators of this forum just HATE spammy stuff -like e-mail scrapers and stuff!.
      Don't be surprised if the forum police comes by and nukes this thread.

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    Harvesting e-mails from CL (or anywhere else) is generally not a very good idea.

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    I disagree, there is a TON of business to be had scraping craigslist posts and "technically" craigslist posts are indexed by google, so the same as contacting someone through there Google places page and introducing them to your service, so is contacting craigslist posters. If anything you are spamming Craigslist, because that's the email your are sending the response to.
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    mmm I don't know if that would be a good idea. You not only spam uninterested people, but also you are getting the affiliate marketing idea wrong. I thing you should reconsider your money making strategies, and start working on interested traffic for whatever you could promote. It will take more time, but it will be more legitimate, and in the overall you will earn more money, I can assure you that.

    Kind regards!
    Internet Marketing Resources for Online Entrepreneurs
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