Can you Outsource Anything?

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Can you Outsource Anything? Traffic Site Squeeze list? And actually profit from it and not lose money?
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    For me it's a yes and no answer because:

    Yes you can outsource literally any job or anything you need done but I personally like to do some stuff myself to make sure it's perfect.

    Here's some examples of jobs that I outsource and jobs I do myself.

    video creation
    video editing
    website theme design

    Jobs I do myself:
    Keyword research
    building a wordpress site

    To make sure you will be in profit after your outsourcing jobs you just need to make sure you have a complete plan ready and have estimated that you can recoup you're investment many times over after paying for some outsource work...Ultimately it just comes down to good planning.

    Hope this helps,

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    I don't know what a traffic site squeeze list is, but outsourcing can be restricted via site terms and conditions if you work through an online outsourcing service. So no -- you can't outsource anything -- not without repercussions.
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      if you do decide to outsource through odesk or wherever, just make sure you have a very detailed set of instructions and have them follow it to the letter. I usually create a sort of checklist in google docs and share it with my outsourcers. This way I know exactly what's getting done and what is not and there is no excuse when things aren't done the way I want.

      I outsource many of my Amazon site builds and I have perfected this little checklist. Every time a problem appears or something is not done correctly I update the checklist. All the sites are basically the same other than articles and graphics so the checklist just gets better and better and harder to not do it correctly the way I need it.
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    Yes, definitely.

    But Outsourcing is a business that trust is the first requirement. Business won't grow if you haven't trusted the company that you're working with. This business has it pros and cons, you just need to find the right company, ask for samples and client references so you can decide. There are lots of outsourcing providers who pretend to be the best, that's why you need to be careful and look for the reputable ones.
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    Pretty much anything can be outsourced.

    In my opinion, outsourcing is more powerful than anything because by outsourcing, you have the power of numerous professionals whereas within yourself, you only have the power of one.

    How many things can one person truly be a master of?

    This is a huge reason why many marketers fail. Not enough funding to outsource things they don't know how to do.

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    Not necessarily. You can't simply outsource something that can directly affect your customers or clients unless you trust your VA completely.

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    I definitely think that you can outsource anything and profit from it. However, there are certain things you may want to handle for yourself for security reasons. And of course there are things that are so quick and simple that they would be pointless to outsource.
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    outsourcing really saves you lot of time, But don't be lazy too. otherwise you can't able to find out certain issues.
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    It depends on your ability to find and keep good service providers.

    When it comes to dating...I'd stick to a more personal approach.

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    You can outsource almost anything, but that does not mean that you should outsource anything. I never outsource writing copy, email marketing or articles, because my readers like my style of writing and I think it`s more personal. I never outsource being on video. I understand some people hate being on video, but I think you should`t hire somebody to be on video for you.

    Great stuff to outsource:
    video editing
    video production
    software design and programing
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    What about outsourcing traffic?
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    We can basically outsource everything except for our very own brilliant business idea.

    If you have a master idea and you can outsource the system to talented people, you will be able to create a business model that will generate automated passive income to you.

    I would still highly recommend anyone who want to succeed online to first master the skill of outsourcing.

    Promote and Prospers!
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    I had a really funny reply to this thread, but I decided that some people would freak at my comments.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
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      My last years total gross revenue is over $250,000 and its only because I outsourced what I was doing (telemarketing offline activity).

      While my previous outsourcing activity is going on fine (touchwood) even now, I started focussing on internet marketing and the first thing that I have done is to outsource some tasks of mine.

      I found one from WF only who is from Antartica and he is doing a fabulous job for me so far.

      In less than 6 months, I have crossed $10000 gross revenue out of which the first 3 months, I was simply scammed. In the next 3 months, the first two months just gave me $1000 and the third month it shot up to $9000 because I outsourced my activity.

      Outsourcing in my opinion is the best.

      The first thing that you should do when you want to outsource is to list out the tasks that you have to do. There are certain tasks which only you should do and no one else. There are many tasks which you can outsource but the entire business idea should not be given to one person. If you are hiring someone for backlinks, he should do only that and nothing else. Often we get carried away and pass on all tasks to the person whom we have outsourced and overload that person with too much of work. Ultimately he will end up outsourcing and the chain builds up. Instead, if you have 10 tasks to be carried out regularly, you can have ideally 10 different people doing that work.
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    You can pretty much outsource anything if you already have an idea, and a clear plan of what you want to do and how to achieve it. As others have noted though, outsourcing is not always the best option -- some jobs should be done personally if you want to build a rapport with potential clients and if you do choose to outsource, you need to be careful and make sure that you hire reliable workers. Paying others can definitely take a chunk out of your earnings as well, so it's best to try to do as much as you can by yourself.
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    I agree with Chase you can definitely make money from outsourcing but some things won't be practical or logical to outsource. However, you also have to try and find the right people as there's no guarantee that the people you outsource to will fulfil your objectives. So make sure to carry out to the best of your ability due diligence.
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  • sorry.. I dont have anything right now.
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