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If there a way of getting the details of visitors to my website who do not physically leave their details - name, email address etc?

Reason I ask is that one of my sites gets around 1,000 visitors per month via organic search in Google. A good number of them view on average 3 to 4 pages and stick around for an average of 3 minutes. So in my view they are interested in the info on the site. So do they leave a footprint of their details just by visiting and could those details be harvested in some way. If so I could then possibly contact them politely to enquire if you require further info.

I get the feeling I might be going down a Black Hat trail with this. Is there a White Hat method?

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    Yeah I think that would be illegal. Why not add an opt-in box or pop-up opt-in to your site. Based on the Can-Spam act even if you could "harvest" this info from your visitors you wouldn't be able to solicit them without their permission.
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    Is this even possible to track who comes to your website?
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    that's hard thing to do, I think it's better for you to give sensational offer to people who leave their details to you.. capturing their details is the best option
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    I'm pretty certain this is not possible. You should place a pop-up opt-in form which most of them will get to see and decide whether to give you their email or not.

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    To be honest I don't think I would be happy if this was possible. I would most probably receive hundreds of emails every day from all the websites I have visited. Would not be happy with that.

    Thanks anyway.
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