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I don't know should I post my message in this forum area or not

Please suggest if it is better to have a singular domain name or a plural domain name? what I believe is, a domain name consisting of singular words would be with more powerful branding. But what if it is a .com and has already been taken by someone else?

As an example suppose two domain names are available: ( is already taken) (choices is a plural of choice)

Certainly .com has it's own value but it is not available should I go for or in that I will risk my traffic going to

I am not in very favor of .net domain names.

What would you suggest? Or, I altogether search some another .com domain with all singular words?

Any suggestion is highly appreciated
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    If you are going for search engine traffic then as long as your main keyword is in the domain and you rank it the name is not too important.
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    Well, having an additional word at the end of the domain works well.

    I have ranked a couple of sites and it works well coz U have your main keyword in your domain name!!
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    I'd have to agree here... having the name in the URL gives you an advantage right off the bat. There are also some on page SEO tricks you can use, which grabbing the All In One SEO plugin will help you achieve - mainly the blog title which you can insert the keyword and rank well for that.

    I agree with indigenious too, adding another catchy word to the URL you're originally hoping for can help you rank well, and is the trick most people were using to rank well when creating niche sites wasn't so super-saturated like it is now.

    At the end of the day though, it's what's on the website that will get your the results, not necessarily just a domain name.

    Good luck!

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  • Use Adwords and other research tools to your advantage. Mass appeal is a marketing myth. You are looking for little veins of gold and a single word domain might create a lot of traffic, but not the traffic you want.
    Start with Adwords, since it's free, and research phrases that have smaller traffic numbers, such as overweightfashionchoices (I have no idea what you are working on).
    I'm also a big fan of testing more than one domain to test, by pointing both domains to one site or throwing up the identical site with two domains.
    Let them run for a few weeks and measure your results.
    Let the searchers show you the way.

    It's not what you know (instinct, gut feeling, etc.), but what you KNOW (DATA).
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