Stick to what works and make money.

by willay
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Everyone is constantly looking for new methods and how to make money "nowadays". There is a lot of talk around about people saying things don't work anymore..upsells don't work, email marketing doesn't work, product launches don't work. What a bunch of garbage. If you want to make money you need to cut out all that crap now.

Every big name marketer I know of still uses email marketing..hmm well I guess they are just doing it for fun because they couldn't possibly make money from it because email doesn't work anymore right? I guess product launches don't work either since there is some every week and combined they make millions of dollars.

Well people are worrying that these things don't work anymore..other people are laughing about it all the way to the bank with the basics that worked in 2000, 2005 and still work today. And they are not going to disappear in the immediate future. So get your act in gear and get back to the basics of making crap loads of money.


Will Cowan aka Lazy Marketer
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    I'm with you all the way. You sound like you have been around a while, as I have. So we have seen alot of this sort of stuff before.

    Alot of it comes down to not listening to others and doing your own testing. Doesn't matter if joe blogs down on X forum says article marketing doesn't work, if I am doing it and it is still working for me then that is all that counts.

    With all the way mate.
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      Email marketing definately still works, it may have taken a bit of a battering from the 'Make money online' offers but there are still loads of niches where you can get massive open rates and even MMO still works you just have to send more emails lol.
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    Yep, some times I've gotten my best idea for doing something from reading something on this forum that "didn't work".

    Not everything, mind you, but if it will make what I'm doing easier, faster or more profitable, I check it out and see how I can tweak it.
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    Alot of old strategies still work. Not only email marketing, but techniques such as blogging and pinging, and even manual website directory submissions... especially if you can get into DMOZ and Yahoo Directory.
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      It seems to me that whenever people begin to say this and that dont work anymore they are coming from a scarcity mindset. The internet is such a huge place that you really cant even begin to comprehend the amount of traffic that is on it everyday. Even if one small group of people has become jaded to a certain marketing technique there is surely hundreds if not thousands more logging on everyday that havent seen it.

      One thing will never go out of style in any form of Internet Marketing.
      Now you just need to decide how you are going to get your value out into the market to draw you traffic and profits.
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        Often times there is also a work ethic problem. Contrary to some of the greatest sales copy "Easy" "Fast" and "Instant" are not necessarily related to what works in Internet Marketing.

        People don't stay with methods long enough to become intimate with them and then say they don't work.

        Truth of the matter is most people don't have the patience for IM.

        If you're not willing to fail and tweak and fail and tweak again until you can get a method cashing in for you.....Of course we are talking about proven methods that have worked and continue to withstand the test of time. Then sorry buddy, you have no business in Internet Marketing.

        Just My 2 cents
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    The fundamentals of business is the same, and I agree with you, however many people starting out may be confused and don't know where to start. Having strong fundamentals is the start to making money online successfully.
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    Right on! stick to what works!
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    I'd like to get into e-mail marketing hopefully sooner rather than later so I can hopefully be earning more income.
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    Yeah I think it's like you say I mean there are new working methods but it's maybe not good go always after them. I guess it is possible to make money with all the traditionell things!
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    Most people waste months, even years with thinking about what doesn't work all the time.

    You have got to think differently than the masses, and get the training that helps you stand out from low level and mediocre marketers.

    In order to get more than the masses, you have to think differently than they do.
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      This is a great post and so very true. So many people waste so much time moving from one thing to the next, trying to find the "next big thing." Find something that works well and stick with it.
      My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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    This is definitely the truth. There are a lot of newbies who were fooled by what they read in free e-books that they download. Email marketing will be effective if you know what you are doing. In the end it still boils up to you, if you are professional enough to go along the learning curves of the right etiquette of email and coming up with a valuable product to promote.

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    True, true, true - "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
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