Can I open a foreign bank acct if my country isn't eligible for Clickbank Direct Deposit?

by Johnson Tay 1 replies
If so, which eligible country should I open a bank account with & how do I go about doing it?
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    Johnson If you're in Singapore, Hong Kong isn't far away, an excellent location for many financial purposes.

    But if your purpose is just to receive funds electronically from Clickbank, you may want to keep things as simple and easy as possible for your own convenience.

    That means you don't need an international corporate octopus structure of offshore entities spanning multiple jurisdictions for privacy and asset protection, however, that is the marketing you'll find yourself subject to when looking for an answer to the question you asked.

    You just need a simple account, that Clickbank has no problem interfacing with, so they can send you the money you earn. This should be easily doable, and not expensive.

    Determine precisely Clickbank's parameters, so that you clearly understand the requirements. Then, shop around online for a reliable, economical choice that's easy to use, and that quickly lets the money you earn flow smoothly to your pockets.

    Someone who instantly comes to mind, because he has successfully dealt with this very situation, helping many others to do precisely the same, is Lateef Olajide of Internet Marketing Nigeria, a truly world-class-excellent businessman and one of the greatest and most honorable people you'll ever meet, online or off. That's the first person who I'd go to.

    Best of luck to you and congratulations on the progress of your projects.

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