A good place to start as an article writer...?

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Hi guys,

I have been working on some of my own IM ventures lately which has involved quite a bit of article writing, something that luckily comes quite easily to me as I am a journalist in my "day job".

Lately I have been setting aside 1-2 hours a day writing articles for IM projects, and because I enjoy writing more than other areas, I thought it could be a good idea to freelance a bit.

The question for you guys:

Where is a good place to start with this? Where would I find potential buyers, or do some of you use freelancers at the moment?

I would greatly appreciate anyone who could point me in the right direction!
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    Your best bet is Constant-Content if you're good, or the Warriors For Hire section. To get a reputation for writing on the Warriors For Hire Section, you'll have to write some sample articles or, better yet, provide a highly-discounted rate to say, the first 10 orders.
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    There are quite a few places you can outsource your talent. I too would suggest Warriors for Hire section on this forum.

    Too other alternatives are Fiverr and iWriter, iWriter : Article Writing Service | Get Content For Your Website, Cheap!. They both offer gigs for showing off your writing passion and getting paid for it.
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    Fiverr is a good source, but make sure you price yourself appropriately. Check out the other listings on there to see how they have done their pricing. You can do the pricing on smaller articles and have customers buy more gigs to do longer articles. Also, check out the levels and plan ahead so that you can build in extras that you can charge the higher tier prices for once you reach those levels.

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    Constant-Content is good, but you must submit exceptional quality content - and you can set your own rates. Recently, 3 articles that I placed on the site prior to becoming too busy with private clients sold for a total of $160.

    Interact Media is another company you may want to consider. Clients are a bit lower-scale, but you can still set your own rate and earn some very lucrative money.

    There are countless content providers who hire good writers. In fact, you might personally contact some of the websites that come up when you search for "content writing services," etc. I hired two writers who contacted me directly (after they provided samples of their work and past experience, of course) when I became too busy to do all of the writing myself.

    Good luck - I hope this helps!

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    I think Fiverr has too much competition. Also, many Fiverr gigs sell multiple articles for $5. I know for the fact that quality articles will cost much more than $5 and if you can write well, people will be willing to pay a good rate. I don't think Fiverr is a good platform to start off with article writing. Warriors for Hire would be your best bet.
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    If you're a real writer, you can go for Helium - Where Knowledge Rules. This is a "different" place than Fiverr or IWriter because it's mend for "writers".

    Hope this helps, Patric

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    I like hubpages and squidoo. Both have high PR.
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    Here are a few places that you can offer your article writing service:

    - warriors for hire
    - fiverr
    - elance
    - ebay
    - create your own website
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    You can visit my blog for other avenues and free tips. Some of it truly depends on your areas of expertise. You'll also see that the last standing online publishers (like Helium, among others) are great places to get started AND build a reputation while getting paid. For example, a well-written article posted on Yahoo! Voices might get you $5 up front for 400 or so words. That's more than what some clients offer for new writers. But if you build a good profile at Yahoo! that links to your article services page, do a few more articles, build traffic it helps get your name out there. It's how I started landing private clients.

    You are an expert. You know how to write. But how do you get started for free?
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    As others have said, Constant Content is the best place to go if you want to get a respectable amount of money per article. You have to research popular niches and topics, and submit high quality work, in order to make your articles sell, however.
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    My experience with Constant Content hasn't been a positive one, so I would look for alternatives to that service. Give Constant a try by all means, but be aware that they are exasperatingly finicky when it comes to accepting the articles people write. They will reject a compelling, well-written article simply because it's *gasp* written in the first person or because its author commits the unforgivable crime of expressing an opinion. Oh the horror!

    Reality has it that you're not going to make nearly as much money from Constant or any other similar site as you would from a content writing website of your own. That said, they can be good places for acquiring clients who, if impressed enough by your work, will gladly follow you to a new, more financially viable online abode.

    Good luck!
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    Textbroker.com (If you can get ranked as a level 4 author.)

    I used to spend an hour or two a day writing level 4 articles in the morning a few times a week. Pretty decent side money, or money that you can use towards your other IM projects.
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      Originally Posted by JSProjects View Post

      Textbroker.com (If you can get ranked as a level 4 author.)

      I used to spend an hour or two a day writing level 4 articles in the morning a few times a week. Pretty decent side money, or money that you can use towards your other IM projects.
      I've been a member of Textbroker for a couple of years without ever using the system. I just started writing articles for them a few days ago, and noticed something interesting. I'm classified as Level 4, which allows me to earn $7 per 500 words. Yet if you can get up to Level 5, that jumps to $25 per 500 words!

      That's a big leap. I'm hoping to accomplish this. Apparently, they review your last 5 articles (which I haven't even reached yet, lol) and send you personalized feedback. Is anyone a Level 5 writer there? If so, do you have a good selection of articles to write at that rate?
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    I think joining iwriter.com will be a good idea. There you'll find a lot of job seekers and employers, focusing to article writing service
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      Get a copy of dragon naturally speaking or whatever is the BEST. So you can pump out an article in 4 min and clean it in 2. This means you could do 10 per hour but not likely so 9 per hour X $5 = $45 per hour. It's not much but is about the best an article writer for pay can get in this market.

      OR- Go for the higher end articles and only do a few here and there but get $15 a pop for them.

      Either way do quality and over deliver.

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    i'd start with creating your own site like I did, and go from there...write as much as you can. Then start applying for other freelance sites. Rinse and repeat...the main objective is to build up your online reputation, preferably in your own (micro) niche.

    I provide consulting for companies that use Adobe AEM...you can check out what I've done so far.

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    Originally Posted by kevstorrs View Post

    Where is a good place to start with this? Where would I find potential buyers, or do some of you use freelancers at the moment?
    I suggest you start local. Find some social media marketing companies in your local area (where are you located?), approach them and tell them you can do article research and writing on a piece-work or hourly rate.
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    Warriors for Hire - all the way. Build your reputation and you can charge more. Quality writing is not as easy to find as writing. Get the reputation fro producing quality and you will not have a hard time finding customers.
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