Does Google Really Have "Stop Words" In Respect To Domains?

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We've all seen the list of supposed Google "Stop Words" that the search engine supposedly does not consider when ranking sites. The list is quite big (I can't post links yet but just do a search for "google stop words" and #1 is a full list) and I've heard many opinions on whether or not Google considers these words in domains.

I personally use many long tail keywords as domains to achieve rankings and I have still not made up my mind if the "Stop Word" phenomenon holds true for domains or not.

I'd like to hear some other opinions on the subject...
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    what exactly is a stop word?

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    I've never used stop words in any of my domains, however there are some that rank very well using them.

    Just remember that if you can get EMD, that truly is the best option. Use hyphens and stop words as a last resort if the EMD is not available with at least .com, .net, .org primarily.


    Stop words are words that Google doesn't consider when ranking keywords in the domain.

    Here is a comprehensive list:
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    I think the whole EMD and stop words thing will come to a grinding halt ...very soon.

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    Why do you say that John?

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      Originally Posted by koreancowboy View Post

      Why do you say that John?
      Just a hunch.

      The whole concept of EMDs and stop words is being flogged to death by marketers across the globe. Everybody knows this, especially Google. They're not idiots, and they know they need to change it soon. Its ruining their search results.

      There are so many SERPS filled with EMD websites that are just full of crap.

      The garbage has to stop, and I think thats already happening.

      Googles emphasis on the social aspect is proof of this.

      Did you know that you cant just submit a website anonomously to Google anymore? You have to have an account? They want to know WHO the site belongs to, or at least, whos behind it.

      Look in the search results. What do you see? More and more emphasis on the PERSON behind the website - not other meaningless factors like EMD's.

      Dont get me wrong, EMD's work, and theyre still powerful. Question is for how much longer?

      Its been said here before, and I have to agree. The shift is becoming more about "people rank" than anything else.

      It wouldnt surprise me if in say, 10 years, people are being paid to put their names on sites for other people because of the "trust" theyve established with Google.

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    EMDs certainly seem to be losing their value in Google, but I am trying to gauge how much of that has to do with stop words and how much is Google trying to stop the trend.

    One thing I know is that EMDs are still rock solid with Yahoo and Bing seems to be somewhere in the middle. Yahoo also does not seem to have any stop words at all, all of my EMDs continue to rank top three, stop words or not.
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