Would anyone be willing to review my site and give their feedback?

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I recently launched a new site called Cash Solutions Online.

So you will know in advance it promotes cash gifting. I know that is a hot button issue, but if we could forget that for just a moment.

I am biased when I view my site, so some unbiased feedback would be much appreciated. What do you think of my site? Is it search engine friendly and properly optimized as far as you can tell? What needs to change? What works for you? If you clicked onto my site...especially if you were searching for information on cash gifting...would you stay and look around?

So again, any feedback on the site itself (not necessarily cash gifting) would be so very much appreciated. I have some common knowledge of SEO I suppose, but again, just a broader range of opinions would be so helpful.

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    I went to your site, and I think you are off on the right start.

    A few comments:
    1. It seems that even you, the owner of the site, know that people are skeptical about "cash gifting". What can you put on your site that will immediately put people's fears and skepticism to rest? Explain why this is real and good and profitable without risk.
    2. You need something to anchor your site down. It seems kinda floating, with no real place to direct my eyes. Where do you want me to look when I first get to your site? Make that clear to me. Visually tell me what to read first, and visually make me believe that I am in a "safe" place.
    3. I like your toolbar on the left - but is there anyway you can choose another template so it will be on the FAR left? And possibly pick a template that has three columns. You could have your blue toolbar on the left, content in the middle, and your sign up form and watch this video in the right column. Darken up your left toolbar to match the boldness of your stuff in the right column.

    I think your content is great - you just have to make it visually appealing. Check out some other sites and see what I am talking about. Go to major sites though - there is more chance that they would have got it right!
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      You are on a slippery slope - and apparently don't care. On your "legal" page you state

      5. Do you have any records on file of a system such as this that is known to be a scam?
      A. No, I never heard of any program like this before, how did you hear about it?
      B. Through videos on Veoh and YouTube.

      If you don't know about cash gifting scams, you aren't paying attention to the numerous "gift schemes" recently shut down by the feds, with charges filed against the owners, property confiscated, etc.

      Your info about the IRS is also contrary to findings the IRS has made on some of these schemes. Gifting in expectation of profit doesn't meet the "gifting" exemption guidelines according to IRS statements I've read.

      Your site is well laid out - but the info in it leaves you wide open to charges of running a ponzi scheme in my opinion. I didn't go far enough to see if this is your own "gifting business" or if you are leading people into another gifting scheme - but watch your back on this one.


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      Thanks so much. Really some great points I didn't think about before!
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