Have You Ever Noticed?

by tpw
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Have you ever noticed that people who need "fast money" will be back in just a few weeks looking again for a fireman to put out some financial fire in their lives?

It happens even outside the forum in real life...

People who look for "fast money" tend to think only in the short-term and because they are looking only a few days ahead, they often miss the bigger opportunities directly under their noses.

Then on the flip side, those who ask about building a business seldom race to the forum seeking professional help to cover a cash crisis...

There was a time when even I wanted "fast money"... And no matter how much I needed that cash, it never came...

But at one point, something happened in my mind, and I began looking at the world through a different lens...

It all began with knowing that money was going to come my way, and strangely enough, the money came.

These days, when I need money, I create it... By creating something that people want or need.

Getting my head right was the first step towards making money online.

Keeping my head right is something I occasionally struggle with doing.

When I pull my head out, and do those things that I know I need to do, "it rains money up in here", as Jimmy Fallon says in that commercial...

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    Great post.

    Not that you made any reference to this, but I personally believe that the majority of the fast money and instant payday seekers are not lazy or missing something, as much as they are in dire need of that instant payoff in order to pay rent or bills. This can cloud judgement. Survival instincts set in and once the first attempt fails, they're on to number 2 etc.

    Also, I've heard too many times over my lifetime that the harder you think about something, the farther you push it away, and there's a lot of truth to that.

    Funny how this is exactly what we are taught to do in order for the laws of attraction to do their thing as well.

    Who knows?

    I whole-heartedly believe that once you finally accept that it all takes work and to just let things come to you, they will. Not sure how, but they do... always.
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      Originally Posted by messiah View Post

      Great post.

      Not that you made any reference to this, but I personally believe that the majority of the fast money and instant payday seekers are not lazy or missing something, as much as they are in dire need of that instant payoff in order to pay rent or bills. This can cloud judgement. Survival instincts set in and once the first attempt fails, they're on to number 2 etc.

      I think this is it.

      It isn't that they are lazy but they are desperate. They then come across as 'I want the money without the work'.
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    If you keep searching for quick cash... you'll never get where you want to be.

    Sure, you need that rent money NOW... but what happens when that rent is paid and your power bill shows up in the mail box?

    You have to find a way to avoid living bill to bill. (Yes, this is very different than paycheck to paycheck.)

    That was the biggest thing I had to teach myself after I first moved out on my own... it is too easy to pay one bill and then feel okay until the next one comes. Then you get to panic all over again.
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    Great post with great inspiration,It's true that fast money maker or instant payday seekers not lazy they never missing something.I think that is secret of success.
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    Very true. The only way I see money coming in is if I plan for it at least a week in advance, and most often weeks or months in advance. The short term mindset will keep you there permanently. You can made a quick buck here and there online, but then you turn around and that money is gone. Then what? Keep working your ass off to make a few quick bucks? That's a lot more stressful than it needs to be.

    Instead give yourself a break & aim to start making money next month. All of a sudden things will look a lot more manageable & more importantly attainable. And with some planning it is much more attainable.

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-


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      As one great monk once said
      "Use all your muscles, bones, veins, nerves to make success happen.
      Think about it both day and night.......
      Arise, awake aand stop not till success is achieved".

      I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    I find this thread interesting.
    messiah mentioned the laws of attraction requesting we think about things to attract them, but it seems like the more you think about something the less likely it is to come to you.
    There is a part of the law of attraction (LOA) that many people miss, which is to release the thought. Otherwise, it becomes a worry, and has the opposite effect than is desired.
    There is supposed to be a spirit of playfulness associated with the LOA. (Much like many people consider business like a game) Releasing helps you achieve this playfulness, because the emotions associated with the LOA are as important as the desires.

    At its core, I think the OP is about changing your mindset, which is what everyone who is actually successful says we need to do. Thanks tpw for sharing this thread.

    Jim Waller
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    Thats really interesting video.
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    HELP!!! I need to make $27,567.00 by 12:05pm tomorrow.

    But... i can only invest 33 minutes of my time and $0.00
    Please show me the way
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    • Profile picture of the author Tony Marriott
      Originally Posted by salegurus View Post

      HELP!!! I need to make $27,567.00 by 12:05pm tomorrow.

      But... i can only invest 33 minutes of my time and $0.00
      Please show me the way
      No problem 'cause I have $97 course to do exactly that.
      And it won't cost you a penny as you can use next
      months rent to pay for it now an have it back in the bank by tomorrow
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        Great post, Bill

        Is true that so many people need that instant gratification. Especially if they have a pressing situation. But they never seem to realize that their actions come with a consequence.
        It is too easy to stroll into the local pawn shop and plop down the x-box or something else and walk out with quick, effortless cash. It is also easy to go to a friend and ask for a quick hand out - without thinking. (I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!) Remember that one?
        OUt of frustration, they are in effect wrecking their lives, because suddenly, they realize they no longer have any personal belongings with which to entertain themselves, and Tuesday has come and gone, and the friend is still unpaid - week after week after week -
        Sadly, Frustration Breeds Failure, because now they realize that credit cards are maxed out, resources are dry, cupboards are empty, and there is NOTHING they can do.
        Ah, that dreaded word.
        Sadly too many never step back and realize the trap that they are inadvertently placing themselves in.
        Then they come in here crying about everyone being so mean to them!:confused:
        Oh, well - be careful about burning bridges, sometimes you can't go back to where you once were!

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    What in the world are you talking about? I just visited the WSO section and found me one of these!

    Better yet?! It only cost me $7 bucks! SEVEN-BUCKS! Woohoo!

    Pretty much, I push the button and cold-hard-cash comes flying out of my computer so quickly that PayPal is going to send a Representative to my front door to figure things out!

    Simply can't wait for my t-t-tornado of money! See look!

    See you guys next time... from MY beach house!

    On a more serious note. The last guy I personally knew who was looking for some "fast cash" ended up in jail...
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    Great post! It is very true though, more often than not people will search for the "fast money" going from thing to thing and 6 months down the line they are no better off and if they had spent the time building a real business such as creating a product or building a list, they'd have solved a lot of their problems.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kurt
    Cashflow is probably the most important aspect of a business, especially when first starting out.

    It's easy to say not to go after the fast cash, but if the rent is due you don't always have the luxury of waiting to get paid and need money now.

    I kind of chuckle when people say the problem with SEO is that the rules often change...No, the real weakness to SEO is that it can take months to get traffic. Then, if you're an affiliate, it can take another 4-8 weeks to get your first paycheck AFTER you get traffic from the SEs. It can be 4 or 5 months to see any revenue at all. And most other forms of IM aren't a lot quicker to actually provcide some cash.

    Many people need to see some cash flow before they can "build" a business with longer lasting results. But many of these same people simply have no options and it isn't always a matter of choice to seek fast cash. The key is to eventually have enough cash on hand that they can then persue the other methods that will give them more stability.
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