Hi, new here to IM. What now?

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Hi, surprised there isn't a forum for new members to introduce themselves here. Anyway, I'm new, just signed up today even though I have been browsing the forums and buying WSOs over the last few years.

Finally decided to try IM and see how things go for me.

I have a full time job, am a part time domainer (not a very good one at that) and a part time developer and the rest of the time, family man.

Hopefully I'll be able to learn more about internet marketing from here. I already have something to sell, but I'm I'll probably going to wait till I learn more about what I need to do first before promoting it.

So a couple of questions:

What's the first thing I should do once I have the product and site ready and everything working from the autoresponders to the ordering process?

Should I go buy traffic? Should I get product reviews? How should I promote the product?
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    Welcome dragonhawk... A little about your product, your intended market, etc, would make those questions a little easier to tackle.

    Securing some product reviews is definitely a good next step while you sort the other stuff out.
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    Reviews are always great, but if you have the money I would suggest you send some traffic to your offer and see what happens.

    Testing/tweaking your site + getting feedback is the way to succeed. Just getting feedback for weeks and waiting until your site/product is "perfect" is going to be a less effective approach and ultimately a waste of time.

    In my opinion of course...
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    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    The first I would do is set up a blog in my niche market.

    Blogs are a gateway to generating all the traffic you need for your product/service.

    Yes, you can put reviews on it, write blog posts with your product links in it - share the links on Twitter and FB - the opportunities are endless.

    Get involved with FB groups in your niche - the idea for promotion is to get targeted traffic to your offer. All the traffic in the world doesn't mean a thing if they are not interested in the first place!

    Above all, get your autoresponder set up to capture those email addresses!

    Hope that helps!
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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    Read and gather information here until you understand what kind of bus. you are going to do
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      Social proof is worth more than gold, get yourself some testimonials then you wil be in front of most other marketers
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    Yes right now I would focus on getting your funnel optimized. Once you feel like everything is ready to go, you need to decide what will be your most targeted traffic source. If you share more about your product then I can give you more details on where to find traffic. From there it's all about tweaking and making adjustments to increase your profits as much as possible.
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    Any recommendations on where I can get some reasonably priced quality traffic (in the internet marketing niche)? Will send a bit of traffic first, analyse the results and then get some reviews for the product for a bigger push.

    Have already got the autoresponder set up, so I'm hoping to catch a few visitors.
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    I would highly recommend solo ads, you can send some quality traffic pretty cheap to do some testing.
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    Where can I get solo ads from?
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    Start promoting that product. Don't worry about trying to get everything perfect. Tweak as necessary. Don't get caught up in trying to learn everything. Most importantly, take action. (Take effective action, that is.)

    Welcome to the forum, as with every forum, don't take everyone's opinion as gospel. What works for them might not work for you, and vice versa. Good luck in your marketing endeavors.
    Best Regards,
    Jim Waller
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    In my opinion, next step is to recruit affiliates + generate traffic to your website.

    Recruit affiliates:

    - list your website on clickbank.com + paydotcom.com

    Generate traffic:

    - start a blog related your niche and post some good content from time to time.

    - submit articles to articles directory

    - submit videos to youtube

    - give away free reports/ebooks related to your niche

    I have some free ebooks here about generating web traffic + list building.

    It's FREE + No opt in required.

    1) web traffic domination - click here to download

    2) 37 list building secrets - click here to download

    If you like the ebooks, just leave me a comment :-)
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    What's the first thing I should do once I have the product and site ready and everything working from the autoresponders to the ordering process?
    First thing you should do comes before that. Research the best business models and plan out your campaign. THEN start to set everything up. Once it is all set up, you need to start driving traffic. We're talking SEO, articles, ads, backlinks, etc.

    Should I go buy traffic? Should I get product reviews? How should I promote the product?
    Don't buy traffic until you've explored other ways of generating traffic. Until you're weak to the knees from backlinking and writing articles, you should do it yourself. Product reviews will come if you're selling your own product. Just hope they're quality ones. Promote the product as the best in your niche.
    There's no need for a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.
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