Importance of Email List?

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There has always been this debate about getting a good double opt in email list that will generate a lot of good leads, especially for affiliate marketing.

The thing though, is how do we find the email leads and what do we do after getting it? I have been googling around and there are just so many readings on it...was wondering if warriors world could give me guidance instead. Thanks
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    How do you find the email leads? What do you do after getting them? Firstly, build your list by driving traffic into your funnel or squeeze page. Secondly, build a relationship with these people, and thirdly, send them to your purchase page.
    There's no need for a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.
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    What Harvey M says is the soundest way to build an e-mail list. There are options available to buy e-mail lists, but their effectiveness is pretty much nil, as they haven't been vetted at all, generally, and so probably have no interest in what you have to offer.
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    Can anyone recommend a good "how to" for list building?
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    First you need to understand what a list is.
    It is an asset. It is an ability to directly communicate to a group of people at will bypassing the advertising costs. You need to know:

    Who they are
    What they want
    How to give it to them

    After that you can sell to them at will. Of course this is an oversiplication of things and each steps is a science in itself but without knowing the fundamentals you are lost.
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    The fact is, almost all successful affiliate marketers and super affiliates have their own super targeted opt-in list. If you want to multiply your marketing efforts, this is the best way to do it.

    Since you are the one generating all the traffic, make sure you get the chance to use that traffic over and over again. If you send 100 targeted visitors to the affiliate product, and only 1 out of that 100 purchases the product, what happens to the other 99 visitors? You've lost them forever if you did not capture their contact information.

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      There are many important facts about owning your private list of subscribers and your private list of customers if you are running a business online.For those running an Internet business, having your own personal list of clients usually means more income.
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    An email list provides you with a long term business assest that you can profit form for years to come.

    An important thing to note is you have to build a relationship with that list. Don't simply bombard them with affiliate offers all the time and provide little to know value. Build trust and a relationship with your list and they will trust and respect you, this will make them more willing to buy from you or your recommendations.
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