AntiVirus vs AMR and AD

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Hi there

Been following this forum for a while - now it is time for my first question in here

Bought the Article Marketing Robot a couple of weeks ago and then bought Article Demon a couple of days ago. The reason I bought AD was that I had some serious problems with AMR but it seems the same problems are occurring with AD except for the crashing issues in AMR. It is timing out or complaining about error in the internet connection. Just to get that one straight - I have a great connection and absolutely no issues there. What I suspect might be the problem though is my Anti Virus. After the latest update on Vipre (my antivirus) it seemed like everything turned even worse - and now it is almost impossible for me to signup to new sites and submitting articles is extremely difficult as well!

Any of you had similar issues? And how do you handle your anti virus vs the automatic article submitters? Do you think this issue is related to an entire other issue?

On forehand
Thx for your help
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    Would you not be better off asking this question to AMR/AD support? After all they are the real experts
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    Hi Tony

    Have posted in there (read AMR-forum) - didn't think I would get any response as I did not get any notifications - but see they are taking it serious now... Reason I posted here was that I suspect there might be a more general antivirus issue vs automatic article submission.

    But probably gonna take it there - cause you are right they are most likely the biggest specialist on their software :-)
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    Just turn off your antivirus and try some submission to see if they work ok.

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    Did that - Vipre is the issue - thx m8
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    I used to use AMR extensively and I had McAfee on my system. However, I never encountered any such issue as you have destroyed. This could mostly likely be an issue with the Antivirus you are using and may not be an AMR issue.
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    Came to same solution. Thx for the recommendation for McAfee as an antivirus software that can handlre AMR - I'm on the look for a new antivirus :-)
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    AMR crashes on me also. I don't think your AV software is causing the problem. It's something to do with the latest update that is buggy because it wasn't crashing before the update.

    What exactly happens when AMR crashes on you? On mine it says (Not responding) in the program bar and everything is greyed out so you can't click on anything so the only option is to close down the program in task manager.

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