A brief but good List building lesson I learnt this weekend

by carolf 4 replies
I have 2 lists on aweber. List 1 signed up for free report, list 2 bought my book.

I sent out my first email with an affilate link at the bottom.

list 1. less than half opened the email and not one clicked on the link

list 2. 95% opened the email and everyone of them opened the link. No sales but then the list is still tiny......

but guess which list Im going to nurture the most.
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    Buyers will always respond better because they have financial investment with you. I buyer subscriber is equal to 5-7 freebie subscribers.
    Best way to separate the buyers from freebie seekers is to use self liquidating offers on your thank you pages.
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    A list of BUYERS is more responsive and worth much
    more than a list of PROSPECTS who have only joined
    your list for a free gift.

    The goal is to move your prospects onto your buyers
    list as soon as possible.


    There's a list that's even more important than your
    intial buyers list.

    That's a list of REPEAT buyers.

    You'll find that some of the people on your list really
    resonate with you and what you have to offer and
    they'll buy most of your products.

    Don't be surprised if they account for half of your
    list profits.

    Once you identify your raving fans treat give them
    even more time and extra-special attention.

    It's the repeat buyers that deserve to be nurtured
    the most.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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    Shaun thats a great idea I never thought about before!
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    thanks guys those comments are so helpful

    I just sent out a brief email with a free offer to thank them.

    I can see 3 women who have now purchased my book and always comment on my facebook page and have offered the 3 of them a free coaching session !
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