how much time take to list new website in Google search engi

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Hello Friends,
I want to optimize my website but I want to know that how much time does it take to list new website in Google search engine?
I hope you will help me.
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    You can be listed within a few hours after you inform Google of your website. Sometimes it can take a few days though
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    This has been my experience. If you have more than seven links going to your web site you will get index in less than a week - yes seven. A single high pr link will get you index in less than a day, but those are rare. However, if your total in coming LINKS is zero. Well, it can take over a year. Create a few minor blogs and use them to generate links to your pages. Here is a secret for you. Do not have all your links going to the front page. Google looks at your in coming links to see if they seem organic.
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    Get listed or to actually get listed on the first page?

    I often get indexed within 24 hours....

    Getting first page search results varies... I did a review for a product a few weeks back and I was at the top of google for my targeted keyword in less than a week but in other niches it can take me a fair few months...

    How long is a piece of string?

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    Totally depends on how much effort you give in the off page of the site.
    do some social book marking and Face book twitter and also some digging. its enough to accelerate the indexing process.
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