PayPal custom payment page - how to have different one for each buy now button?

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OK, I've setup multiple custom payment pages for different products. The problem is I cannot change the page for any of the buttons. In the instructions it says:

Overriding Page Style Settings
Your Primary page style will automatically be applied to all of your payment pages unless you specify otherwise.

To change the page style for a button you have already created, you can modify the button's HTML code. Replace the value of the "page_style" variable with the Page Style Name of the style you wish to apply. The next time the button is clicked, its payment pages will appear in the new style. Specifying the "cs" and "image" variables in the button code will also override your Primary page style.
But there's no "page_style" value in my HTML code or email link.

I'd like to add to the email link a page_style but have no idea on how to do it.

Help will be greatly appreciated.
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