Odesk: What is wrong with job applicants?

by loyalsupporter 11 replies
I've posted a new, full-time job opportunity for a new project. Along with the common job requirements, I have posted a couple of small specific requirements that would pretty much determine the right applicant.

What happens is I get tons of general, pre-written cover letters where it is all about showing some muscles.

What the heck is wrong with those people, can't someone just actually read the job description and say "Yes, I can do that" rather than posting those BS letters to all available open positions?

So hard to get trustworthy and knowledgeable people lately..
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    As its free and easy to bid on projects/jobs so you are sort of getting too much spammy applications. Its a headache to deal with people on freelance marketplaces.
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    The problem with ODesk is the place is basically an assembly line of contract workers. Those cover letters are what ODesk trains their jobseekers to do in order to get the job. If you want to look for applicants who would reply directly to you, I recommend looking elsewhere. ODesk is a great place but most of the workers there are freelancers who work on a project basis. If you want a full-time worker, I recommend Onlinejobs.ph or Bestjobs.ph
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      Originally Posted by johnjonas01 View Post

      If you want a full-time worker, I recommend Onlinejobs.ph or Bestjobs.ph
      Thanks for the suggestion, gonna try those out.
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    try freelancer.com

    They don't require a monthly fee to use their free service and charge a max of $49.95 pm for the premium service.
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    vWorker provides a spam filter that eliminates the problem you're describing. It also provides a search engine that lets you first, pre-qualify providers by skill and feedback, and second, approach those individuals yourself. So that's two ways you can work around the riff-raff (found in all working environments btw).
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    Your dealing with a network full of several out-source based companies exploiting hundreds of user profiles (sometimes with fake photos) with keyword based alerts when a project is listed that puts in an auto-respond bid.

    Personally I recommend creating invite only projects and vetting your prospects carefully.
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    Unfortunately many contractors work in a very robotic fashion, thus the problem with the outsource industry.

    PM me if you are interested in working with a skilled development team.

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      Can I be of any help?
      I m a freelance web designer


      I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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      I used to work on Elance. I always wrote my cover letters specifically to the company and job I was applying to. I would even research the company when possible and make it clear in the letter I had. I landed 50%+ of the gigs I applied for.

      Almost every single person that hired me told me it was because of my cover letter being specific. I've clued friends that work on Elance into this and they now have similar success rates. I really don't know why more people don't do that. I don't want to apply for a job with a generic template anyway. It reflects bad on me. Plus I liked doing as much research as possible.

      Good luck...I'm sorry you're having bad luck. Maybe if you have some friends on here they can give you leads to the type of people you need. Sometimes word of mouth is the best way to find people.
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    You could also try forums.digitalpoint.com. I've had much success hiring there.
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      I have very good experiences with eLance... Only one job I posted for a dutch voice-over had some strange reactions: Although the whole job-post was in dutch, I got about 20 reactions of Americans who didn't indicate they spoke dutch at all and one Chinese/Kantonese female singer....

      But apart from that one job, all reactions were always close to the thing I was looking for.
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