I Failed At Internet Marketing. What About Video?

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I've learned alot on Warrior Forum but never learned how to get clients.

I bought lots of WSOs on this site.

I learned how to:
- Build Mobile Sites
- Rank Videos (have several #1 keywords)
- List Building Secrets
- Build FaceBook Pages
- Become A Social Media Manager
- Learn Youtube Tricks
- Press Release Writing

But none of them really taught me how to get clients. I tried an awful lot but never got any. Have tons of skills though just never get to use them much.

I don't like CPA offers so I couldn't do those with my heart (girls;-).

I've always been a videographer trying to make it work. (Video is even slower. Ugh! but I suck at getting work).

Anyway, does anyone have any advice how to get female clients? I shoot out of my apt and can only shoot women. My videos are $300 each. People use them for their about page. (Waiting for results to come in regarding sales).

Tried looking on Craigslist and people only want to pay $50 per video. Each video takes me about 8 hours (Shoot & Edit), so $50 is crazy.

Do you know of any businesses that would need video?

Tried restaurants for about 6 months. Never made a sale. They didn't see the value in video.

I'm in New York City.
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    Why not offer a free video to a restaurant in order to get a demo put together. A nice video with wide panning views of the resteraunt might catch the ambience and mood which could be beneficial for the resteraunts website. Once you have something to show others, you may find it easier to sell. You could also let others sell them for you and offer them a flat commission with each booking / job.

    Otherwise, have you looked at filming weddings?
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    So about the 99th time Edison's assistant came in and said to him " Edison you have failed you have not created the light bulb yet " Edison replied to his assistant ... " I have not failed I have learned how to successfully not create the light bulb 99 times ." Can you imagine if he stopped at 70 something or when his assistant came in?
    My point is you have learned so much and you feel that you have failed...if that is your attitude then you are right... you must change your attitude... its not a failure unless you walk away from it. Its a learning process...
    Now as far as the industry in you must find a industry to market to... Is there a actual market for what you are attempting to do?
    Are there others like yourself doing exactly what you are doing and making excellent
    money at... If not then its time to re - evaluate your industry and go where the money is at..

    Hope it helped
    Have a awesome day!
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    I was going to post similar views before I read his post. Failing is all part of internet markeing. 90% failure and only 10% success can actually yield great profits. It's a case of of trying, testing and working through it until you break down some barriers and discover what works.
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    Originally Posted by missmiss View Post

    I've learned alot on Warrior Forum but never learned how to get clients.
    Lol! Think about it.. you are a client! You bought something! (hopefully of value!)

    If someone made you buy something (e.g. WSO), why can't you make someone else buy something? There is no secret sauce!


    Also, regarding your video service, you got to determine if you are not getting customers because:
    1) there IS a market AND you are not marketing your video effectively enough
    2) there is a market and you are marketing your video effectively, but your price is set too high
    3) there IS no market for such video services
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    Fail is the one way to success. Don't give up. Learn from the mistake. And the more important thing, must have mentor.
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    You never learned how to get clients? Then learn how to. You've got a list of all the skills you've learned, so I doubt you'd have much trouble adding another item to that list.

    Failure is just a stepping stone towards success. It's expected, and real winners use it as a learning experience which is why they're not afraid of it.
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    Imagine what your ideal clients would be like. Make a website that would have a specific offer for those specific types of clients. Sure, all sorts of people will see it - including the types of clients you'd have to have - but the point is, you'll start building a pipeline of leads. Some you'll hash out, others - you'll work with. The point is, make an OFFER - that's what generates clients, right?

    Best Regards,
    vip-ip ...
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    Why don't you offer your services here on the WF?
    Try to put a unique spin on things and promote yourself and your services
    Hope this helps
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    Originally Posted by missmiss View Post

    I'm soo suicidal. I hope shelter living isn't brutal. Ahh, who are we kidding;-).
    That is a very serious statement, and if you are really feeling that way you need some help asap.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    If you would spend more of your time offering people services they want to buy, instead of offering services you feel comfortable doing, then you would not be hurting for money.

    Just like a job, a successful Internet business leads to "work" -- tasks that are not always pleasant to do.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Originally Posted by missmiss View Post

    I've always been a videographer trying to make it work. (Video is even slower. Ugh! but I suck at getting work).
    You need to

    A: Learn not to suck at getting work
    B:Accept the fact that you are technician and not a business person.

    Thats the harsh reality.

    The less harsh real;ity is that you can learn to get business "If you want to".

    Trust me, you cant make a living working for yourself until you can get that part down.

    There are a half million out of work web designers, and the ones that become business people dedicate themselves to learning to get business, and its easy for NO ONE... but the ones who have it; it was worth it to them to learn what they didnt know or sucked at.

    Hope this isnt too harsh.

    To understand what I mean, look up a book called the Emyth.

    There is a difference between a technician and an entrepreneur. Every tech knows they have the potential to work for themselves, and they all tell themselves they are too smart to work for a boss....but you cant just keep just bein a tech or thats all you'll be. You have to determine to become an entrepreneur or else you will only work for them.

    If this dont sink in now, it will later.

    There's plenty of help here though for you...and in the end, there is no shame in just being a tech.

    There are alot of ways to get business and they arent ALL hard, but you have to be determined to uncover them for yourself..., and passionate about really embracing the process and the art of marketing and sales... still the saying is true ; No Guts no Glory!

    Either train yourself to be an entrepreneur or work for one.

    You can do it, once you realize that those are the options, and saying "I suck at getting business" doesnt make them go away.

    Its like hiring a telemarketer who says the leads suck.... "Hey, these are the leads, this is the job... can you do the job or not...? If not theres no shame but you gotta get off my clock...No hard feelings"
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    Do you have a website? Are you looking to get new clients? How are you marketing your website?
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    Missmiss, you should not miss the train now You have learnt so many things and got so many resources to apply and implement !!!!

    With your skills and experience Video graph, you should launch a nice one landing page type service website soon with some of your testimonials and sample work. In stead of approaching client physically, try to promote your website in the web, locally using your resources that you have obtained from this forum.

    You can spare a single page on your website for teaching. Yes,you can teach video editing courses to the interested. That would open up a another earning opportunity for you!!

    If you do it from heart with professional attitude, you are sure to get success and sales.

    Web Development,Web Designing, Web Marketing , Web Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization
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    Forgive me for saying so, but I feel the biggest problem the OP has experienced is trying to sell IM services to people who don't know why they would need IM services.

    For example, if people are truly only willing to spend $50 to have a video made, those folks don't understand the real value of video.

    A good video advertisement can deliver thousands or millions of dollars in new revenues. People at that level of performance do not pay $50 to any of their vendors.

    So instead of talking to prospects who need to be convinced of the value of your services, why don't you instead talk to people who already have the requisite belief in the value of what you offer?
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Thank you all. I survived. I was soo frustrated.

    I'm good now.

    Going to teach video editing and video creation.

    I totally agree I should sell what people want instead of what I'm comfortable doing but it's so empty feeling.

    Thank you all. It's sadly comforting that others are going through the same thing.

    Had to go back and read The Dream Giver. AmazonAmazon (no affiliate link)

    So I'm in the Wastelands heading towards the promise lands. He He.

    I hate being an employee. Sadly, I can't go be an employee even if I wanted to. Been out of the workplace for waaaaay too long for anyone to take me serious. Been looking for months on end. Nothing. But it's ok. Must be a sign from God or something.

    Thanks you all. That was really nice of you all!
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    No such thing as making a mistake! just an Improvement...
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    If you keep doing what you've always done...you'll keep getting what you've always got.

    Find something you are good at and get great at it. Outsource all the rest.
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