best UK host for wordpress

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As per title, looking for a good UK host for wordpress and wordpress multi site.
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    I did a lot of reasearch on this, a while ago (I mean really a lot), because I'm technophobic and incompetent and I wanted to be able to deal only with "the world's best customer service", which matters to me more than it does to most people.

    My UK host is Heart Internet, and I recommend them strongly (as do several others here, actually).

    Doubtless they won't be the cheapest, but hosting is so inexpensive these days that this doesn't really matter much to anyone, I think?
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    Doesn't it partly depend on what else you need from the webhost? Do you want raw access logs, script shell passwords, ability to turn anonymous FTP off etc?

    I use Just host and they have been good so far
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    I use hostgator.... not in the UK but their support is great and they are very reasonably priced.

    I have about 250 wordpress sites hosted with them all work perfectly....

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