How NOT to keep your customers happy

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I just received a link submission confirmation this morning, for a directory link I submitted a few weeks ago.

The directory claims on its home page that it is a quality directory (doesn't say what kind of quality)

Taking them at face value I emailed to point out a couple of mistakes on the page that my link had appeared on.
I hope you don't mind me making a couple of comments about the bed and
breakfast section of your site.
a) you've spelled accomodation incorrectly. It should be accommodation
b) your site claims it is a quality site and not every link is allowed.
How come there is a mesothelioma site listed under bed and breakfast!!!
Their instant reply:
No problem, I removed your link ... happy now?
"Quality" customer service - not
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    ohhhh boy! Was it a paid submission? If not just roll your eyes and move on The arrogance is too much.
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      Originally Posted by MarketingChad View Post

      ohhhh boy! Was it a paid submission? If not just roll your eyes and move on The arrogance is too much.
      Not, it most certainly wasn't paid! Sadly for him I'm laid up in bed with flu, with too much time on my hands, and he's making me laugh.

      Here's some more:
      Wow. If that's your reaction to having a couple of mistakes pointed out to
      you, then yes, I'm happy. I always write and THANK people for pointing out
      mistakes on my sites and then correct them. But hey, each to his own.
      It's a free link .. do you always critique free gifts?

      Take a paid link then, that's when I'll appreciate feedback, but not after
      doing you a favor for free!
      Gosh. I don't CHARGE my customers for pointing out my mistakes. I like to
      correct my own mistakes for FREE.
      You still don't get it; you didn't start with thanking us for the free link;
      as in; you obviously don't appreciate it.

      You just start complaining straight on; next time say thank you first, then
      Ps - I googled the guy's name. Very enlightening.
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    Originally Posted by rosetrees View Post

    Their instant reply:

    "Quality" customer service - not
    Sounds like they got a little chapped between the thighs. Their remark was defensive, from which it seems they forgot that graceful handling of emails from less than worshipful customers is part of the "quality" customer service indeed.


    It's not enough to want it... you have to want it enough.

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    WOW! Sounds as if they are in business for a quick today,gone tomorrow!
    How very sad.
    Take Care-Vernon Lee

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    What a bad way to run a business. Grammar is important in SEO and general business. I hope they are just a one-off rubbish company.
    Dog Clothes UK
    Dog Coats UK

    Chips Fletcher from Pawpoint
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    I Have to stop this! Here's the rest (you can't fault him on speed of answering his emails)

    Thank you for the entertainment! I'm sending a virtual mirror so you can take a look at yourself.
    LOL !!

    That's what I was doing; you're not saying thank is the critique you're not
    willing to accept!

    You should have started that email with thanking us for the free link;
    that's your mistake!

    Not so good at taking critique yourself, are ya?
    Ok - have it your way.

    Gets down on knees and looks humbly up at master. "Thank you so much for your FREE link - I really needed your FREE link" "You're the best thing since sliced bread for providing with one solitary FREE link, which obviously you have provided just for me out of the GOODNESS of your heart, oh great one".


    This is cracking me up - I'm going to need a new box of tissues for the tears of laughter soon
    I have to go and lie down in a darkened room and give myself a good talking to about not rising to the bait, yada yada yada.
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      Well, they say laughter is the best medicine!

      I wonder if he knows that with each reply he sends you, he's helping you get better and better.

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